Provinces of the Republic of New Granada

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According to the constitution of 1832,[1] the territory of the Republic of New Granada was divided into provinces. Each province was composed of one or more cantons, and each canton is several divided into districts parish.

Political division of the Republic of New Granada in 1832

The provinces in 1832 were the same that made the granadine convention the same year and ratifying the constitution gave the republic. These were:

# Province Capital
1 Antioquia Medellín
2 Barbacoas Barbacoas
3 Cartagena Cartagena
4 Casanare Pore
5 Mariquita Mariquita
6 Pamplona Pamplona
7 Panamá Panamá
8 Pasto San Juan de Pasto
9 Popayán Popayán
10 Rio Hacha Riohacha
11 Santa Fe Bogotá
12 Santa Marta Santa Marta
13 Socorro Socorro
14 Tunja Tunja
15 Vélez Vélez
16 Veragua Santiago de Veraguas

Provinces 1851Edit

Political division of the Republic of New Granada in 1851

For the year 1851 the changes of government and political-economic ideologies of these, added to the existing strong regional trends, led to the division of the republic in 36 provinces, which were:

# Province Capital
1 Antioquia Antioquia
2 Azuero Los Santos
3 Barbacoas Barbacoas
4 Bogotá Bogotá
5 Buenaventura Cali
6 Casanare Pore
7 Cartagena Cartagena
8 Cauca Buga
9 Chiriquí David
10 Chocó Quibdó
11 Córdoba Rionegro
12 Cundinamarca Gachetá
13 García Róvira Málaga
14 Mariquita Mariquita
15 Medellín Medellín
16 Mompóx Mompóx
17 Neiva Neiva
18 Ocaña Ocaña
19 Pamplona Pamplona
20 Panamá Panamá
21 Pasto San Juan de Pasto
22 Popayán Popayán
23 Rio Hacha Riohacha
24 Sabanilla Barranquilla
25 Santa Marta Santa Marta
26 Santander Cúcuta
27 Socorro Socorro
28 Soto Piedecuesta
29 Tequendama Fusagasugá
30 Tunja Tunja
31 Tundama Santa Rosa
32 Túquerres Ipiales
33 Valle de Upar Valledupar
34 Vélez Vélez
35 Veragua Santiago de Veraguas
36 Zipaquirá Zipaquirá


Likewise, the Republic cover some territories in the peripheries of the country: