Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran

Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization (Persian: وزارت میراث فرهنگی، گردشگری و صنایع دستی ایران‎) is an educational and research institution overseeing numerous associated museum complexes throughout Iran. It is administered and funded by the Government of Iran. Recently, this organization has transferred into a ministry.

Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization (ICHTO)
وزارت میراث فرهنگی، گردشگری و صنایع دستی ایران
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Agency overview
Preceding agencies
  • Touring and Tourism Organization (1991 to 2003)
  • Deputy of Touring and Pilgrimage in Ministry of Islamic Guidance (1979 to 1991)
  • Ministry of Intelligence and Tourism (1974 to 1979)
  • Office of Tourism (1954 to 1963)
  • Touring Council (1941 to 1954)
  • Office of Tourists and publicity (1935 to 1941)
JurisdictionIslamic Republic of Iran
HeadquartersTehran, Iran
Employees7,200 (2013)[1]
Annual budget375 billion toman (2014)[2]
Agency executive
The gates of Bagh Melli, where some offices of ICHTO are located. The gates were constructed during the Qajar dynasty.

It was established in 1985 by legislation from the Majlis merging 11 research and cultural organizations. The current head of organization is Ali Asghar Monesan, being appointed 13 August 2017 by President Hassan Rouhani. He was formerly head of Kish Island Free Area.

It publishes and oversees the publication of many journals and books, and carries out projects in conjunction with foreign museums and academia. It is similar in scope and activity to the Smithsonian Institution.

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ICHTO has branches in all Provinces of Iran that administer and operate local projects, sites and museums.

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