Cultura Política

Cultura Política was a Portuguese-language[1] magazine dealing with political and cultural issues based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The magazine was one of the cultural apparatuses developed by the Estado Novo to diffuse the official ideology to the whole Brazilian society.[2] It was in circulation between 1941 and 1945.[3]

Cultura Política
CategoriesPolitical and cultural magazine
PublisherDepartment of Press and Propaganda
FounderAlmir de Andrade
First issueMarch 1941
Final issueOctober 1945
Based inRio de Janeiro

History and profileEdit

Cultura Política was established by Almir de Andrade in 1941.[4] The first issue appeared in March 1941.[5] The headquarters of the magazine was in Rio de Janeiro.[5] The publisher was the department of press and propaganda.[3][4] The magazine produced fifty issues during its lifetime and was edited by Almir de Andrade.[5] Some of the major contributors included Francisco Campos, Azevedo Amaral, Lourival Fontes, Cassiano Ricardo, Graciliano Ramos, Gilberto Freyre and Nelson Werneck Sodre.[2] It ended publication in October 1945.[2]


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