Cult Movies 2

Cult Movies 2 is a 1983 book by Danny Peary, a follow-up to his 1980 book Cult Movies. Just like its predecessor it consists of a series of essays regarding what Peary described as the 100 most representative examples of the cult film phenomenon. The films are presented in alphabetical order, with each chapter featuring a story synopsis for the covered title, Peary’s response to the film, production and release details, and a brief selection of contemporary critical reviews. [1] [2] The book features one guest contributor, Henry Blinder, who wrote the essay on Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. A sequel to this book came out in 1988: Cult Movies 3.

Cult Movies 2
AuthorDanny Peary
CountryUnited States
SubjectCult films
PublisherDelta Books
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byCult Movies 
Followed byCult Movies 3 

Certain chapters from Cult Movies 2 were republished in 2014 as a thematically connected e-book, bringing together essays about cult movies from certain genres. [3]

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