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CRYPTYCH magazine, a bi-monthly magazine, was first published in July 1993 by JM White. The magazine featured the best in fantasy, speculative fiction and roleplaying, offering articles on roleplaying games and interviews with Ed Greenwood, RA Salvatore, Wes Craven, Terry Brooks, John Carpenter, Garth Ennis, William Gibson, Frederick Pohl, Dave Duncan, Dennis Muren and Richard Garfield, etc.

One revolutionary aspect of CRYPTYCH magazine was the inclusion of company newsletters printed as part of the magazine. Notably the Wizards of the Coast newsletter contained some of the first information on Magic: The Gathering. Issue 1/IV included Newsletters from: Global Games, Grimoire Games, Heartbreaker Miniatures, The Howling Falcon, Mayfair Games, Reaper Miniatures, Studio X, West End Games & Wizards of the Coast.

JM White the founder and publisher/editor of CRYPTYCH Magazine launched SCRYE Magazine in 1994. Eight issues of CRYPTYCH Magazine were published. The last issue was Volume 2, Number 2 (2/II) in the fall of 1994.

CRYPTYCH Magazine featured original cover art. CRYPTYCH 1/III, 1/IV and 2/I featured cover art by NeNe Thomas.


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CRYPTYCH 1/I ISBN 1-883773-00-8

Photos of all Eight Cryptych Magazine Covers.