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The Cruising Club of America (CCA) is an international organization of sailors that promotes cruising, boat racing, and offshore sailing.[1] The CCA issues the Blue Water Medal.[2]


The CCA was launched in the winter of 1922 at Maskells Harbour on Nova Scotia's Bras d'Or Lake by a handful of experienced offshore cruisers interested in cruising and the development of "suitable types of sail, motor and auxiliary craft for cruising purposes and to stimulate an interest in seamanship, and the navigation and handling of small vessels."[3] The founders included Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor, F.W. (Casey) Baldwin, William Washburn Nutting, Jim Dorsett, and William A. Wise Wood.[4]

The Club's more than 1,300 members personify the interests, achievement, experience, and love and respect for the sea of the Club's founders. Now in its 96th year, the CCA continues to use the collective wisdom and experience of its members to influence the "adventurous use of the sea" through efforts to elevate good seamanship, the design of seaworthy yachts, safe yachting procedures and environmental awareness.

The Cruising Club of America has no clubhouse or shoreside base, and no paid staff. Rather, the Club is structured around national committees that conduct mission-related work and manage the administrative operations of the organization, and around geographical Stations that provide regional focus for the membership.

Primary mission-focused committees include Safety at Sea, Offshore Communications, Technical, Environment, Cruising Guides and Charts, Bermuda Race, and Awards. The Club is managed by a Governing Board of Officers and elected members, and operated by standing committees including Finance, Audit, Nominating, and Membership, to name but a few.

There are eleven Stations within the Club, each of which has its own Rear Commodore and officers, and which organize annual activities.

According to the CCA constitution, "A person eligible for membership in the club must be sailor and a person of acceptable character and personality who has demonstrated his or her ability to handle or command and navigate and pilot a small vessel at sea, and who has had sufficient cruising experience." Membership is by invitation.

With the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, the CCA sponsors the biennial Bermuda Race from Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda. It was responsible for developing the CCA Rule, which, until the advent of the International Offshore Rule, was the handicapping rule used for most handicapped yacht racing in North America.

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