A cruffin is a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin. The pastry is made by proofing (also called proving) and baking laminated dough in a muffin mould. The cruffin is then filled with a variety of creams, jams, crème pâtissières or curds, and then garnished.

Cruffin at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Assorted box of cruffins by Lune Croissanterie

The first known Cruffin to be created was by Kate Reid of Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.[1][2][3][4] The Cruffin was later popularized and trademarked by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, from San Francisco. Since then, there have been multiple variations of the cruffin found all over the world.


The cruffin was originally created by Lune Croissanterie for Everyday Coffee, Melbourne, in July 2013.[1]

United StatesEdit

The cruffin was popularised in San Francisco by Australian pastry chef Ry Stephen and co-owner Aaron Caddel of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in November 2014.[5]

In March 2015, Stephen claims the store was broken into and the recipe binders that hold the recipe for cruffins, and 230 other recipes, were stolen. Other things such as money, baking equipment, an iPad, computers were left untouched, and no one was ever charged.[6]

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