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The crown is the top of the head, or the whole head.


Crown can mean the top of the head and it can also mean the whole head.[1] In the study of human anatomy the terms "Calvaria, "skullcap", "skull cap", or the "roof of the cranial cavity" are used for the top part of the head.[2]


In bird anatomy, the crown is the top of the head, or more specifically the zone from the frons, or forehead, extending posteriorally to the occiput and laterally on both sides to the temples. The upper part of the head, including frons, crown and occiput, is sometimes called the pileum.[3] A bird with a crest covering the pileum may be described as "pileated", e.g. the pileated woodpecker.[4]


In whale anatomy the crown is the bulge on the head through which the blow-holes emerge.[1]

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