Cross-country skiing at the 1924 Winter Olympics

At the 1924 Winter Olympics, two cross-country skiing events were held. The 50 km competition was held on Wednesday, 30 January 1924 and the 18 km competition was held on Saturday, 2 February 1924.[1] The events were also part of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships as well, which would be combined until the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Cross-country skiing
at the I Olympic Winter Games
Cross country skiing pictogram.svg
Dates30 January – 2 February
No. of events2
Competitors59 from 12 nations
1928 →

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  Norway2215
2  Finland0011
Totals (2 entries)2226


Event Gold Silver Bronze
18 km
Thorleif Haug
1:14:31.4 Johan Grøttumsbråten
1:15:51.0 Tapani Niku
50 km
Thorleif Haug
3:44:32 Thoralf Strømstad
3:46:23 Johan Grøttumsbråten

The results of Haug and Grøttumsbråten in the 18 km event should have been disqualified: as entrants of the Nordic combined event, they hadn't entered their names in this event. Tapani Niku wasn't however willing to be awarded the gold medal, though he later received a gold medal from the French Alp Club.[citation needed]

All three medalists in the 50 km also finished in their same positions in the nordic combined event.

Participating nationsEdit

Cross-country skiers from the United States only competed in the 18 km event. Fifteen cross-country skiers competed in both events.

A total of 59 cross-country skiers from twelve nations competed at the Chamonix Games:


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