Croatian Water Polo Federation

The Croatian Water Polo Federation (HVS) (Croatian: Hrvatski vaterpolski savez) is the governing body of water polo in Croatia. It is based in Zagreb.

League systemEdit




Regionalna Liga (Adriatic Water Polo league)
7 clubs


1. B Liga
13 clubs


2. Liga Sjever
3 clubs

2. Liga Jug
4 clubs


3. Liga Slavonija
5 clubs

3. Liga Rijeka
5 clubs

3. Liga Split
5 clubs

3. Liga Šibenik
4 clubs

It also organizes the Croatian Cup of Water Polo as well as the Croatian national water polo team and the Croatian national junior water polo team.

Water polo first came to Croatia in 1908. The HVS was formed at May 21, 1971 in Split.

In 2004 Perica Bukić was elected as president of the federation.

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