Criss Cross Jazz

Criss Cross Jazz is a Dutch record company and label specializing in jazz.

Criss Cross Jazz
Criss Cross Jazz logo.gif
Founded1980 (1980)
FounderGerry Teekens
Country of originNetherlands

Criss Cross was established in 1980 by Gerry Teekens, a drummer and German professor.[1] Teekens founded the label after organizing tours for jazz musicians such as Jimmy Raney and Warne Marsh. Early issues included Raney and Marsh, Chet Baker, Pete Christlieb, Stan Getz, Tom Harrell, and Clifford Jordan.[2]


Catalog No.
Artist Album Details[3]
1001 Jimmy Raney Quartet Raney '81 featuring Doug Raney
1002 Warne Marsh Star Highs with Hank Jones, George Mraz and Mel Lewis
1003 Kirk Lightsey Trio Isotope
1005 Johnny Coles Quartet New Morning
1006 Doug Raney Sextet Meeting the Tenors
1007 Warne Marsh Quartet A Ballad Album featuring Lou Levy
1008 Kenny Barron Trio Green Chimneys with Buster Williams and Ben Riley
1009 Jimmy Raney Quartet The Master featuring Kirk Lightsey
1010 Chet Baker Quintet Blues for a Reason featuring Warne Marsh
1011 Clifford Jordan Quintet Two Tenor Winner featuring Junior Cook
1012 Hod O'Brien Quintet Opalessence featuring Tom Harrell and Pepper Adams
1013 Joe Van Enkhuizen Quartet Back on the Scene
1014 Kenny Garrett Quintet Introducing Kenny Garrett featuring Woody Shaw
1015 Slide Hampton Quintet Roots featuring Clifford Jordan
1016 Chet Baker Trio Chet's Choice featuring Philip Catherine
1017 Cedar Walton Quartet Bluesville Time with Dale Barlow, David Williams & Billy Higgins
1018 Tom Harrell Quintet Moon Alley featuring Kenny Garrett and Kenny Barron
1019 Jimmy Raney Trio Wisteria with Tommy Flanagan and George Mraz
1020 Ted Brown Quintet In Good Company
1021 Dave Pike Pike's Groove with The Cedar Walton Trio
1022 Michael Weiss Quintet Presenting Michael Weiss
1023 Warne Marsh Quartet & Quintet Back Home
1024 Jimmy Knepper Quintet Dream Dancing
1025 Clifford Jordan Quartet Royal Ballads
1026 Peter Leitch Trio On a Misty Night featuring Neil Swainson and Mickey Roker
1027 Chet Baker Quartet Live at Nick's featuring Phil Markowitz - recorded in 1978
1028 Ralph Moore Quartet 623 C Street
1029 Brian Lynch Sextet Peer Pressure
1030 Kirk Lightsey Quintet Kirk 'n Marcus featuring Marcus Belgrave
1031 Ted Brown Trio Free Spirit with Hod O'Brien and Jacques Schols - recorded in 1987
1032 Jim Snidero Quintet Mixed Bag
1033 Mike LeDonne Quintet 'Bout Time
1034 Steve Nelson Communications with Mulgrew Miller, Ray Drummond & Tony Reedus
1035 Ralph Moore Quintet Rejuvenate!
1036 Benny Green Quintet Prelude
1037 Greg Marvin Quintet Workout!
1038 Benny Green Trio In This Direction featuring Buster Williams & Lewis Nash
1039 Peter Leitchn Quintet/Sextet Portraits and Dedications featuring Bobby Watson
1040 Ray Drummond Quintet Camera in a Bag featuring Steve Nelson and David "Fathead" Newman
1041 Mike LeDonne Quintet/Trio The Feeling of Jazz
1042 Brian Lynch Quintet Back Room Blues
1043 Pete Christlieb Quartet Conversations with Warne Volume 1 featuring Warne Marsh - recorded in 1978
1044 Kenny Barron Quartet Invitation
1045 John Swana Quintet Introducing John Swana
1046 Ralph Lalama & His Manhattan All Stars Feelin' and Dealin'
1047 Tad Shull Quintet Deep Passion
1048 Philip Catherine Trio I Remember You featuring Tom Harrell and Hein Van de Geyn
1049 Gary Smulyan Quintet The Lure of Beauty
1050 Kirk Lightsey Trio From Kirk to Nat
1051 Don Braden Quintet The Time Is Now
1052 Tomas Franck Quartet Tomas Franck in New York
1053 Javon Jackson Quartet Me and Mr. Jones 1992
1054 Harold Ashby Quartet What Am I Here For? with Mulgrew Miller, Rufus Reid and Ben Riley - recorded in 1990
1055 John Swana John Swana and Friends
1056 Sam Newsome Quintet Sam I Am
1057 Billy Drummond Quintet Native Colours featuring Steve Nelson, Steve Wilson, Renee Rosnes, Ray Drummond
1058 Mike LeDonne Trio Common Ground with Dennis Irwin and Kenny Washington
1059 Melvin Rhyne Trio The Legend
1060 Philip Catherine Trio Moods Volume I featuring Tom Harrell and Hein Van de Geyn
1061 Philip Catherine Trio Moods Volume II featuring Tom Harrell and Hein Van de Geyn
1062 Steve Wilson Quintet New York Summit
1063 Ralph Lalama Quartet Momentum
1064 Tom Williams Quintet Introducing Tom Williams
1065 Jimmy Raney Trio But Beautiful featuring George Mraz qnd Lewis Nash
1066 Ralph Bowen Quintet Movin' On
1067 Chris Potter Presenting Chris Potter
1068 Gary Smulyan Quartet Homage featuring Tommy Flanagan
1069 Don Braden Sextet Wish List
1070 Brian Lynch Quintet/Sextet Brian Lynch at the Main Event featuring Melvin Rhyne
1071 Tad Shull Quartet In the Land of the Tenor
1072 Jim Snidero Quintet Blue Afternoon
1073 Steve Wilson Quintet Blues for Marcus
1074 Mike LeDonne Sextet Soulmates
1075 Walt Weiskopf Sextet Simplicity
1076 Dan Faulk Quartet Focusing In
1077 Eric Alexander Quintet New York Calling
1078 Scott Wendholt Quintet The Scheme of Things
1079 Peter Bernstein Quartet Somethin's Burnin'
1080 Melvin Rhyne Quartet Boss Organ
1081 Don Braden Septet After Dark
1082 Cedar Walton Trio Manhattan Afternoon
1083 Billy Drummond Quartet The Gift featuring Seamus Blake, Renee Rosnes, Peter Washington
1084 Greg Gisbert Quintet Harcology
1085 Grant Stewart Quintet Downtown Sounds
1086 Rob Bargad Sextet Better Times
1087 Darrell Grant Quartet Black Art
1088 Seamus Blake Quintet The Call
1089 The Tenor Triangle with the Melvin Rhyne Trio Tell It Like It Is
1090 John Swana Quintet The Feeling's Mutual
1091 Tom Williams Quintet Straight Street
1092 Gary Smulyan Nonet Saxophone Mosaic
1093 Jonny King Quintet In from the Cold
1094 Mark Turner Quintet Yam Yam
1095 Peter Bernstein Quartet Signs of Life
1096 Steve Wilson Quintet Step Lively
1097 Ralph Lalama Quartet You Know What I Mean
1098 Eric Alexander Sextet Full Range
1099 Jon Gordon Quintet Ask Me Now
1100 Walt Weiskopf Quartet A World Away
1101 Scott Wendholt Quintet Through the Shadows
1102 Tim Warfield Quintet A Cool Blue
1103 Pete Christlieb Quartet Conversations with Warne Volume 2 featuring Warne Marsh - recorded in 1978
1104 Joe Magnarelli Quintet Why Not featuring Eric Alexander, Renee Rosnes, Peter Washington, Kenny Washington, Daniel Sadownick
1105 Richard Wyands Trio Reunited
1106 Darrell Grant Quintet The New Bop
1107 Chris Potter Quartet Sundiata
1108 Bill Charlap Trio Souvenir
1109 Bobby Broom Quartet No Hype Blues
1110 Seamus Blake Quintet The Bloomdaddies
1111 Mike LeDonne Quintet Waltz for an Urbanite
1112 Jim Snidero Quintet Vertigo
1113 Steve Davis Quintet The Jaunt
1114 Eric Alexander Quartet Eric Alexander in Europe
1115 Steve Wilson Quartet Four for Time
1116 Greg Gisbert Sextet On Second Thought
1117 Tony Reedus Quartet Minor Thang
1118 Melvin Rhyne Trio Mel's Spell
1119 John Swana Sextet In the Moment
1120 Billy Drummond Quartet Dubai
1121 Jon Gordon Sextet Witness
1122 Tim Warfield Sextet A Whisper in the Midnight
1123 Scott Wendholt Quartet/Sextet From Now On...
1124 Grant Stewart Quartet More Urban Tones
1125 Orrin Evans Ortet Justin Time
1126 Seamus Blake Quintet/Sextet Four Track Mind
1127 Walt Weiskopf Nonet Song for My Mother
1128 Jim Rotondi Quintet Introducing Jim Rotondi
1129 Gary Smulyan Gary Smulyan with Strings
1130 Peter Bernstein Quintet Brain Dance
1131 Bill Charlap Trio Distant Star
1132 Ralph Lalama Quartet Circle Line
1133 Eric Alexander Quartet/Quintet Two of a Kind
1134 Clarence Penn Quartet Penn's Landing
1135 Bobby Broom Quartet Waitin' and Waitin'
1136 Steve Davis Sextet Dig Deep
1137 Melvin Rhyne Quintet Stick to the Kick
1138 Jon Gordon Quartet/Quintet Along the Way
1139 Javon Jackson and Billy Pierce Burnin' recorded in 1991
1140 Roberta Piket Quintet Unbroken Line
1141 Joe Magnarelli Quintet/Sextet Always There
1142 David Hazeltine Quintet How It Is
1143 The Tenor Triangle with the Melvin Rhyne Trio Aztec Blues
1144 Tim Ries Quintet Universal Spirits
1145 Ryan Kisor Quartet Battle Cry
1146 Adonis Rose Song for Donise
1147 Walt Weiskopf Sextet Sleepless Nights
1148 David Kikoski Trio Inner Trust
1149 Tim Warfield Quintet Gentle Warrior
1150 John Swana and Joe Magnarelli Philly-New York Junction
1151 Peter Bernstein Trio Earth Tones
1152 Steve Davis Sextet Crossfire
1153 Bill Charlap Trio All Through the Night
1154 Orrin Evans Ortet Captain Black
1155 Conrad Herwig Sextet Heart of Darkness
1156 Jim Rotondi Quintet Jim's Bop
1157 Scott Colley Quartet Subliminal...
1158 Sam Yahel Trio
1159 Jerry Weldon - Michael Karn Quintet Head to Head
1160 Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet Intuit
1161 Greg Gisbert Septet The Court Jester
1162 Anthony Wonsey Quintet Open the Gates
1163 John Swana Quintet Tug of War
1164 Melvin Rhyne Trio Kojo
1165 Ralph Lalama Quartet Music for Grown-Ups
1166 Joe Farnsworth Sextet Beautiful Friendship
1167 Rodney Whitaker Quintet Ballads and Blues: The Brooklyn Session
1168 David Kikoski Quartet The Maze
1169 Walt Weiskopf Quintet Anytown featuring Joe Locke, Renee Rosnes, Doug Weiss, Tony Reedus
1170 David Hazeltine Trio/Quartet A World for Her
1171 Andy Fusco Quintet Out of the Dark
1172 One for All Upward and Onward
1173 Adonis Rose Quintet The Unity
1174 Joel Weiskopf Trio The Search
1175 Orrin Evans Trio Grown Folk Bizness
1176 Conrad Herwig Quintet Osteology
1177 Brad Mehldau, Mark Turner and Peter Bernstein: M.T.B. Consenting Adults recorded in 1994
1178 Steve Davis Sextet Vibe Up!
1179 Herlin Riley Quintet Watch What You're Doing
1180 Ryan Kisor Quartet Point of Arrival
1181 Jimmy Greene Sextet Introducing Jimmy Greene
1182 Mark Turner - Tad Shull Two Tenor Ballads recorded in 1994
1183 Melvin Rhyne Quartet Classmasters
1184 Jim Rotondi Sextet Excursions
1185 Richard Wyands Trio Half and Half
1186 Walter Blanding Quintet The Olive Tree
1187 Walt Weiskopf Nonet Siren
1188 David Hazeltine Quartet Blues Quarters Vol. 1 recorded in 1998
1189 Gary Smulyan and Brass Blue Suite
1190 David Kikoski Trio Almost Twilight
1191 Michael Karn Quintet In Focus
1192 Wycliffe Gordon Sextet The Gospel Truth
1193 One for All The Long Haul
1194 Conrad Herwig Sextet Unseen Universe
1195 Orrin Evans Listen to the Band
1196 Ryan Kisor Quartet Power Source
1197 Seamus Blake Quartet Echonomics
1198 John Campbell Trio Workin' Out
1199 Tim Ries Septet Alternate Side
1200 Joe Magnarelli Quintet Mr. Mags
1201 Clarence Penn Quintet Play-Penn
1202 Alex Sipiagin Quintet Steppin' Zone
1203 John Swana and The Philadelphians Philly Gumbo
1204 Joel Weiskopf Quintet New Beginning
1205 Mike DiRubbo Quintet Keep Steppin'
1206 Ralph Peterson Quintet The Art of War
1207 Conrad Herwig Quartet Hieroglyphica
1208 David Kikoski Trio Surf's Up
1209 Jim Rotondi Quintet Reverence
1210 David Hazeltine Quintet Good-Hearted People
1211 One for All Live at Smoke Vol. 1
1212 Wycliffe Gordon Quintet What You Dealin' With
1213 Orrin Evans Trio Blessed Ones
1214 Peter Beets New York Trio
1215 Ryan Kisor Quartet The Dream
1216 Ralph Bowen Quintet Soul Proprietor
1217 Jesse van Ruller Quartet / Trio Here and There
1218 Steve Davis Quartet Systems Blue
1219 Walt Weiskopf Quartet Man of Many Colors
1220 Alex Sipiagin Quintet Hindsight
1221 J. D. Allen Quartet / Quintet Pharoah's Children
1222 George Colligan Quartet Ultimatum
1223 Adam Rogers Quartet Art of the Invisible
1224 Wycliffe Gordon Quintet United Soul Experience
1225 Ralph Peterson Quintet Subliminal Seduction
1226 David Kikoski Combinations
1227 Tim Warfield Sextet Jazz Is...
1228 Jeremy Pelt Sextet Insight
1229 Edward Simon Trio The Process
1230 Conrad Herwig Sextet Land of Shadow
1231 Mike DiRubbo Quintet Human Spirit
1232 Joel Weiskopf Trio Change in My Life
1233 Peter Bernstein + 3 Heart's Content
1234 One for All Wide Horizons
1235 Jesse van Ruller Circles
1236 Alex Sipiagin Mirrors
1237 Peter Beets New York Trio: Page Two
1238 Wycliffe Gordon Quintet Dig This!!
1239 Ryan Kisor Quintet Awakening
1240 Ralph Peterson Quintet Tests of Time
1241 John Swana Quartet On Target
1242 Adam Rogers Quintet Allegory
1243 Ralph Bowen Quintet Keep the Change
1244 Jonathan Kreisberg Trio Nine Stories Wide
1245 Jimmy Greene Quartet Forever
1246 Joe Magnarelli and John Swana New York-Philly Junction
1247 David Hazeltine Trio Close to You
1248 Steve Davis Quintet Meant to Be
1249 David Kikoski Trio Details
1250 Walt Weiskopf Sextet Sight to Sound
1251 Jim Rotondi Quintet New Vistas
1252 Melvin Rhyne Trio Tomorrow Yesterday Today
1253 Wycliffe Gordon and The Garden City Gospel Choir In the Cross
1254 Conrad Herwig and Brian Lynch Que Viva Coltrane
1255 Ralph Peterson The Fo'tet Augmented
1256 One for All Blueslike
1257 Alex Sipiagin Sextet Equilibrium
1258 Reeds and Deeds Wailin' featuring Eric Alexander and Grant Stewart
1259 Orrin Evans Easy Now
1260 John Swana and The Philadelphians Philly Gumbo Vol. 2
1261 David Binney Bastion of Sanity
1262 George Colligan Trio Past - Present - Future
1263 Adam Rogers Apparitions
1264 Peter Beets New York Trio: Page 3
1265 Walt Weiskopf and Andy Fusco Tea for Two
1266 Jonathan Kreisberg Trio New for Now
1267 Edward Simon Simplicitas
1268 Conrad Herwig Obligation
1269 Grant Stewart Grant Stewart + 4
1270 Alex Sipiagin Returning
1271 Brian Lynch Latin Jazz Sextet ConClave
1272 Herlin Riley Cream of the Crescent
1273 Jesse van Ruller Views
1274 Victor Goines New Adventures
1275 Jim Rotondi Iron Man
1276 David Hazeltine Trio Perambulation
1277 Donny McCaslin Give and Go
1278 Wycliffe Gordon Cone's Coup
1279 Jimmy Greene True Life Stories
1280 Joe Magnarelli Hoop Dreams
1281 Danny Grissett Promise
1282 Steve Davis Update
1283 Reeds and Deeds Cookin'
1284 David Kikoski Quartet Limits
1285 David Binney Cities and Desire
1286 Adam Rogers Time and the Infinite
1287 David Hazeltine Blues Quarters Vol. 2
1288 Seamus Blake Way Out Willy
1289 David Binney and Edward Simon Océanos
1290 Melvin Rhyne Front and Center
1291 Victor Goines Love Dance
1292 Alex Sipiagin Prints
1293 Joel Weiskopf Devoted to You
1294 Adonis Rose On the Verge
1295 Jimmy Greene Gifts and Givers
1296 Peter Beets Trio New Groove
1297 Conrad Herwig A Jones for Bones Tones
1298 Gary Versace Outside In
1299 Danny Grissett Encounters
1300 Walt Weiskopf Day In Night Out
1301 John Swana Bright Moments
1302 Wycliffe Gordon Boss Bones
1303 Mike Moreno Third Wish
1304 Tim Warfield One for Shirley
1305 Ralph Bowen Five
1306 Kirk Lightsey Lightsey to Gladden recorded in 1991
1307 Lage Lund Early Songs
1308 Luis Perdomo Pathways
1309 Joe Cohn Shared Contemplations
1310 Jonathan Kreisberg Night Songs
1311 Alex Sipiagin Mirages
1312 David Kikoski Mostly Standards
1313 Adam Rogers Sight
1314 Marcus Strickland Of Song
1315 Danny Grissett Form
1316 Kendrick Scott Reverence
1317 Seamus Blake Bellwether
1318 Dr. Lonnie Smith The Art of Organizing
1319 Keyon Harrold Introducing Keyon Harrold
1320 Wycliffe Gordon Cone and T-Staff
1321 Lage Lund Unlikely Stories
1322 David Binney Aliso
1323 Jim Rotondi The Move
1324 Tim Warfield A Sentimental Journey
1325 Alex Sipiagin Generations: Dedicated to Woody Shaw
1326 David Hazeltine Inversions
1327 Walt Weiskopf See the Pyramid
1328 Walter Smith III III
1329 Peter Beets Chopin Meets the Blues
1330 Will Vinson Stockholm Syndrome
1331 Brian Lynch and Spheres of Influence ConClave Vol. 2
1332 Reeds and Deeds Tenor Time
1333 Stacy Dillard Good and Bad Memories
1334 Yakov Okun New York Encounter
1335 David Binney Barefooted Town
1336 Alex Sipiagin Destinations Unknown
1337 Danny Grissett Stride
1338 Mike Moreno First in Mind
1339 Opus 5 Introducing Opus 5
1340 John Escreet Exception to the Rule
1341 Joe Cohn Fuego
1342 Ulysses Owens Jr. Unanimous
1343 Yosvany Terry Today's Opinion
1344 Joe Sanders Introducing Joe Sanders
1345 Dayna Stephens Today Is Tomorrow
1346 David Kikoski Consequences
1347 John Ellis It's You I Like
1348 Luis Perdomo The 'Infancia' Project
1349 Zach Brock Almost Never Was
1350 Clarence Penn Dali in Cobble Hill
1351 Opus 5 Pentasonic
1352 Conrad Herwig A Voice Through the Door
1353 Wycliffe Gordon The Intimate Ellington: Ballads and Blues
1354 Alex Sipiagin Overlooking Moments
1355 Tim Warfield Eye of the Beholder
1356 Michael Rodriguez Reverence
1357 Luis Perdomo Links
1358 David Binney Lifted Land
1359 Orrin Evans "... It Was Beauty"
1360 Lage Lund Foolhardy
1361 Dayna Stephens I'll Take My Chances
1362 Dee Daniels State of the Art
1363 Philip Dizack Single Soul
1364 Seamus Blake and Chris Cheek Reeds Ramble
1365 Donald Edwards Evolution of an Influenced Mind
1366 Zach Brock Purple Sounds
1367 Misha Tsiganov The Artistry of the Standard
1368 Johnathan Blake Gone, But Not Forgotten
1369 Opus 5 Progression
1370 David Binney Anacapa
1371 Justin Robinson Alana's Fantasy
1372 Manuel Valera and New Cuban Express In Motion
1373 Matt Brewer Mythology
1374 Brice Winston Child's Play
1375 Tim Warfield Spherical: Dedicated To Thelonious Sphere Monk
1376 Lage Lund Idlewild
1377 Dayna Stephens Reminiscent featuring Walter Smith III
1378 Alex Sipiagin Balance 38-58
1379 Adam Rogers and David Binney R&B
1380 Zach Brock Serendipity
1381 The Rodriguez Brothers Impromptu
1382 Danny Grissett The In-Between
1383 Opus 5 Tickle
1384 Misha Tsiganov Spring Feelings
1385 Conrad Herwig and Igor Butman Reflections
1386 Donald Edwards Prelude to Real Life
1387 Luis Perdomo Spirits and Warriors
1388 Seamus Blake and Chris Cheek Let's Call the Whole Thing Off with Reeds Ramble
1389 Boris Kozlov Conversations at the Well
1390 Matt Brewer Unspoken
1391 Ethan Iverson The Purity of the Turf
1392 David Binney The Time Verses
1393 David Gilmore Transitions
1394 David Kikoski Kayemode
1395 Alex Sipiagin Moments Captured
1396 Mike Moreno Three for Three
1397 Noah Preminger Genuinity
1398 Victor Gould Earthlings
1399 Will Vinson It's Alright with Three
1400 Tim Warfield Jazzland
1401 Misha Tsiganov Playing with the Wind
1402 Lage Lund Terrible Animals
1403 Matt Brewer Ganymede
1404 Noah Preminger After life


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