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Crippen & Landru Publishers is a small publisher of mystery fiction collections, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. It was founded in 1994 by husband and wife Sandi and Douglas G. Greene in Norfolk, Virginia, United States, and is named after murderers Dr. H. H. Crippen and Henri Landru. The Greenes's son Eric designed the logo. Jeffrey Marks succeeded Douglas G. Greene as publisher on January 1, 2018, while Dr. Greene remained active as Series Editor.

Crippen & Landru publishes two distinct series of single-author short story collections. The Regular Series, generally featuring current authors, is published in two editions: cloth bound, signed and numbered; and trade softcover. The Lost Classics Series features uncollected stories by great mystery and detective writers of the past. It is available in dust-jacketed cloth and trade softcover. Some titles are also available as e-books.

Among the authors published by Crippen & Landru are Lawrence Block, Max Allan Collins, Margaret Maron, Peter Lovesey, Bill Pronzini, Michael Gilbert, and Edward D. Hoch.[1]


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  • Terence Faherty. The Confessions of Owen Keane
  • Dennis Lynds writing as Michael Collins. Slot-Machine Kelly (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Edward Marston. Murder – Ancient and Modern
  • Gladys Mitchell. Sleuth’s Alchemy (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Philip Warne. Who Was Guilty? (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Ellery Queen. The Adventure of the Murdered Moths

Published in 2006Edit

Published in 2007Edit

  • Lloyd Biggle. The Grandfather Rastin Mysteries (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Max Brand. Masquerade (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Mignon G. Eberhart. Dead Yesterday (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Ross Macdonald. The Archer Files
  • Walter Satterthwait. The Mankiller of Pooejegai

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  • Vincent Cornier. The Duel of Shadows (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Loren D. Estleman. Valentino
  • Elizabeth Ferrars. The Casebook of Jonas P. Jonas (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Melodie Johnson Howe. Shooting Hollywood

Published in 2014Edit

Published in 2015Edit

  • Phyllis Bentley. Chain of Witnesses (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Anthony Berkeley. The Avenging Chance, Enlarged edition with one additional story (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Marilyn Todd. Swords, Sandals, and Sirens

Published in 2016Edit

  • Patrick Quentin. The Puzzles of Peter Duluth (“Lost Classics Series”)
  • Frederick Irving Anderson. The Purple Flame and Other Detective Stories ["Lost Classics Series")
  • Detection Club.Motives for Murder, A Celebration of Peter Lovesey on His 80th Birthday
  • James Yaffe. My Mother, The Detective, Enlarged edition with one additional story

Published in 2017Edit

  • Edward D. Hoch. All But Impossible: The Impossible Files of Dr. Sam Hawthorne
  • Anthony Gilbert. Sequel to Murder: The Cases of Arthur Crook and Other Mysteries ["Lost Classics Series")

Published in 2018Edit

  • James Holding. 'The Zanzibar Shirt Mystery and Other Stories ["Lost Classics Series"]
  • Elaine Viets. A Deal with the Devil and 13 Short Stories
  • Edward D. Hoch. Challenge the Impossible, The Last Casebook of Dr. Sam Hawthorne
  • Bill Brittain. The Man Who Read Mysteries ["Lost Classics Series"]

Published in 2019Edit

  • Peter Lovesey The Crime of Miss Oyster Brown and Other Stories
  • Q. Patrick/Patrick Quentin. The Cases of Lieutenant Trant ["Lost Classics Series"] [In press]
  • Silver Bullets. An anthology celebrating Crippen & Landru's 25th Anniversary [forthcoming]
  • Edward D. Hoch.Hoch's Ladies [forthcoming]
  • John Dickson Carr. The Island of Coffins and Other Radio Mysteries [forthcoming]
  • Freeman Wills Crofts. The 9:50 Up Express and Other Mysteries [Lost Classics Series] [forthcoming]


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