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This page is about an analytics company. For the Jorge Luis Borges reference, see The Library of Babel.

Crimson Hexagon is an AI-powered consumer insights company based out of Boston, Massachusetts.[3] The company also has a European office in London, England.[4]

Crimson Hexagon
Social media analytics[1]
Founded2007; 12 years ago (2007)
FounderGary King
ServicesConsumer insights, social media analytics
Number of employees
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The company's online data library consists of over 1 trillion posts, and includes documents from social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as blogs, forums, and news sites.[5] The company's ForSight platform is a Twitter Certified Product.[6]

Crimson Hexagon's analysis of current events and trending topics is often featured in news articles.[7] Pew Research uses Crimson Hexagon's social media analysis platform to analyze media coverage and discourse.[8]


Crimson Hexagon was founded in 2007 by Gary King and Candace Fleming based upon technology he had developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science.[9] Crimson Hexagon has raised a total of $33.5M in funding over 7 rounds, with the last round on March, 8, 2016. [10] In 2012, Stephanie Newby became the company's CEO.[11]

In March 2014, the company announced its Affinities feature, which allows marketers to identify the interests of people talking about brands, products, or companies on social media.[12]

In July 2018, Facebook suspended Crimson Hexagon from accessing its user data whilst it investigated potential violations of its policy barring surveillance.[13]

On September 5, 2018, Crimson Hexagon released the industry's first reverse image search technology.[14]

On October 4, 2018 Crimson Hexagon announced it was merging with Brandwatch.


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