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Cricket: A Weekly Record of the Game

Cricket: A Weekly Record of the Game was a cricket publication which ran from 1882 to 1913.[1]:102 It is sometimes referred to as just Cricket. In all it ran to 949 issues in 32 volumes. Issues were generally of 16 pages, approximately 27 cm by 21 cm.

Cricket: A Weekly Record of the Game
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Cricket Editors
The World of
First issueMay 10, 1882; 137 years ago (1882-05-10)
Final issue
October 14, 1914 (1914-10-14)
Vol 32 No 949

In most years it was monthly from January until March, had 24 weekly parts from April to September, and was monthly again from October to December, giving a total of 30 issues. The exceptions being Volume I which only started on 10 May 1882 and had just 22 issues and Volume II which had 27 issues.

Cricket was followed by The World of Cricket which ran for 23 issues in 1914.[1]:107 World War I put an end to its run, its last issue being on 14 Nov 1914. The idea of a weekly cricket periodical was continued after the war with The Cricketer, which started publication in 1921.[1]:103


Cricket had just 3 editors in its 32 years of publication.[1]

The World of Cricket (1914) was edited by A.C. Maclaren and J.N. Pentelow.[1]


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