In Greek mythology, Cretheus (/ˈkrθiəs, -θjs/; Ancient Greek: Κρηθεύς Krētheus) was the king and founder of Iolcus, the son of Aeolus (son of Hellen) by either Enarete[1][2] or Laodice.[3] His wives were Tyro and either Demodice or Biadice.[4] With Tyro, he fathered Aeson, Pheres, and Amythaon.[5][6][7] He also had several daughters, namely Hippolyte, future wife of Acastus[8] (otherwise known as Astydameia[9]); Myrina, who married Thoas;[10] and an unnamed daughter, who became the mother of Asterius by Teutamus.[11]


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