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Crepidiastrum sonchifolium

Crepidiastrum sonchifolium, the sonchus-leaf crepidiastrum,[2] is a flowering plant in the daisy family. It is native to East Asia (China, Korea, Mongolia), and is cultivated in Korea.[3]

Sonchus-leaf crepidiastrum
Crepidiastrum sonchifolium 3.JPG
Scientific classification
C. sonchifolium
Binomial name
Crepidiastrum sonchifolium
  • Crepidiastrum sonchifolium var. elegans (Franch.) Sennikov
  • Crepidiastrum sonchifolium var. sonchifolium
  • Crepidiastrum sonchifolium subsp. sonchifolium
  • Ixeridium elegans (Franch.) C.Shih
  • Ixeridium sonchifolium (Maxim.) C.Shih
  • Ixeris denticulata subsp. elegans (Franch.) Stebbins
  • Ixeris denticulata subsp. sonchifolia (Bunge) Stebbins
  • Ixeris serotina (Maxim.) Kitag.
  • Ixeris sonchifolia (Maxim.) Hance
  • Ixeris sonchifolia var. serotina (Maxim.) Kitag.
  • Ixeris sonchifolia var. sonchifolia
  • Lactuca bungeana Nakai
  • Lactuca denticulata var. sonchifolia Maxim.
  • Lactuca elegans Franch.
  • Paraixeris serotina (Maxim.) Tzvelev
  • Paraixeris sonchifolia (Maxim.) Tzvelev
  • Paraixeris sonchifolia var. serotina (Maxim.) Kitag.
  • Paraixeris sonchifolia var. sonchifolia
  • Youngia serotina Maxim.
  • Youngia sonchifolia (Bunge) Maxim.


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