CM Games is an Estonian independent video game developer and publisher[1] based in Tallinn, Estonia.[2][3]

CM Games OÜ
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IndustryVideo games
FoundedTallinn, Estonia (2010)

Creative Mobile was founded in 2010 by 3 colleagues[4] interested in making games for the Android market.[5] The company quickly evolved into a leading game studio, consistently topping the Android and IOS game charts.[6] Creative Mobile has never raised any funds[7] and is still owned by the original founders.[8][9]

In 2012 Creative Mobile was named 'Startup of the Year' in Estonia[10][11] and a PocketGamer Top 50 Developer in 2013,[12] 2014[13] and 2015.[14] In 2014 Creative Mobile celebrated 200 million game installs on the Android platform.[15]

Creative Mobile is an investor of Gamefounders, a gaming accelerator based in Tallinn, Estonia They also are an organizer of the GameDev Days Conference[16] in cooperation with IGDA Estonia and the European Union European Regional Development Fund.[17]

Games developed and published edit

CM Games is best known for the Drag Racing[18] and Nitro Nation[19] game franchises.

Drag Racing was listed by The New York Times as one of the 'Best Android Gaming Apps of 2011',[20] a 2012 Webby Award honoree in the category of Mobile Sites & Apps Games[21] and is one of the most downloaded games on Google Play with over 100 million players worldwide.[22] In 2015 Nitro Nation Stories was awarded 'Best Mobile Game'[23] at the DevGamm conference in Hamburg. On April 26, 2016, it was announced that Creative Mobile and Moor Games were collaborating to release a mobile racing game featuring rapper Fetty Wap.[24] The game is offshoot of mobile game Nitro Nation Stories.

Year Title Platform(s)
2010 Basketball Shots 3D Android
Overkill: Space Shooter Android
2011 Alchemy~Genetics Android
Drag Racing Android , IOS
Bad Blood Android
2012 Drag Racing: Bike Edition Android , IOS
Digger HD Android
Pocket Dragons Android
Clash of the Damned (Published) Android
Drag Racing Java ME
Drag Racing 4x4 Android
Clash of the Damned (Published) Android , IOS
Mushroom Wars (Published) Android
War of Tanks (Published) Android
Basketball Shots 3D (Published) IOS
Nitro Nation Online Android
Road Smash (Published) Android
Last Inua (Published) IOS
Snowboard Run (Published) Android
Zombie Harvest (Published) Android
Pinball Fantasy HD (Published) Android
War of Tanks: Clans (Published) Android
Hamster Balls (Published) Android, Facebook
Ambush! Tower Offense (Published) Android
2015 Nitro Nation Stories Android
Nitro Nation Online IOS, Windows Phone, Samsung
Stickman Trials (Published) Android, IOS
Drag Racing: Club Wars Android
Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories Android, IOS
Pocket Tower: Skyscraper (Published) Android, IOS
Cyberline Racing (Published) Android
Trigger Time (Published) Steam Greenlight

Nitro Nation Online edit

Nitro Nation Online (alternatively referred to as Nitro Nation Racing) is a racing game for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Samsung devices. The game was first announced on September 17, 2013 as Beta preview.[29] On April 3, 2014 the Beta was completed and a full release of Nitro Nation Online was launched on Google Play.[30]

The game is divided into 2 areas of play, career and multiplayer. Career mode is a single player event, which unlocks game features as the game progresses. Several multiplayer modes are available.

Aggregate review website GameRankings assigned a score of 75/100 based on reviews from 2 critics.[31]

Media reception to Nitro Nation Online has been generally positive, Pocket Gamer giving it a rating of 7/10, remarking that "It's almost dangerously simple to pick up and play, and that desire to shave seconds off your time becomes habit-forming in a few plays."[32]

PocketMeta offered mixed criticism with a combined total score of 22/25, praising "Nitro Nation Online is a beautiful drag racing game with a vibrant online community that will make you jealous of the luxurious cars of the best of the crop on the leader boards. Very rich gallery of customization options and achievements create addictive and rewarding game play while competing against other players allows you to feel a sense of belonging to the drag racing community." and deriding "...loading times and the difficulty of upgrading without resorting to in-app purchases. Other than that, it's a must-have item on your Android tablet."[33]

This sentiment is backed up by GameZone which giving an 8.5/10 rating, states "Fast and addictive gameplay makes for a fun gameplay experience, while the fast customization options add a layer of addiction to the game. Racing with other players and climbing the leader boards is by far the game's best aspect for me." Losing some ratings due to "Having to lose a few races every time just to gain some money to upgrade and progress further makes the game feel like a grind and this is compounded with loading times that exceed gameplay time. That being said, the game is still the most addictive and fun racing game I have played on my mobile gaming device and is sure to give players countless hours of fun."[34]

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