Cream City Brewing Company

The Cream City Brewing Company was an American brewery that was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1853 until 1937.[1] The brewery was one of seven to survive Prohibition in the city.[2] One structure remains from the old brewery complex; a 25,000 square-foot horse stable built in 1910 that housed over forty horses to pull beer wagons.[1]


The brewery was built in 1853 by George and Conrad Weir.[1] It was called West Hill Brewery at the time and was owned by George Weir and Christopher Forster.[3] Ownership of the brewery changed several times until John Beck bought out his partner Stephen Weber in 1861,[1] and retained ownership until 1877 when it was sold to Jacob Veldt.[4] Two years later it was sold to William Gerlach who renamed the brewery Cream City Brewing Company.[1] During the 19th century, the brewery was emerging as a significant player in the Milwaukee beer market.[2] In the 1880s, the facility produced 25,000 barrels of beer annually. The company was able to survive Prohibition by selling near beer.[5] However, due to debt problems, the company was foreclosed by creditors in 1937.[1]


  • Big Boy Beer[5]
  • Blue Jay Beer[5]
  • Bock Beer[5]
  • Cream City Draft Beer[5]
  • Cream City Export Beer[5]
  • Cream City Pale Beer[5]
  • Cream City Pelham Club Beer[5]
  • Cream City Pilsener Beer[5]
  • Extra Stock Dark Beer[5]
  • Hanover Dark Beer[5]
  • Pelham Club Extra Brew Pale Beer[5]
  • Pilsener Beer[5]

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