Crazylegs Crane

Crazylegs Crane is a 16-episode made-for-television cartoon series produced by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises in 1978 for The All New Pink Panther Show on ABC.[1]

Crazylegs Crane
First appearanceGo for Croak (1969) (Tijuana Toads cartoon)
Created byHawley Pratt
Portrayed byLarry D. Mann
Bob Holt
Daws Butler
In-universe information
ChildrenCrazylegs, Jr.


This was Crazylegs Crane's first series dedicated solely to him. Previously, he had made regular appearances in the three DePatie-Freleng animated comedies, Tijuana Toads, The Blue Racer and The Dogfather. Larry D. Mann voiced him in all but two of his appearances, with Bob Holt voicing him in the Tijuana Toads short "Flight to the Finish", and Daws Butler voicing him in the Dogfather short "The Goose That Laid a Golden Egg". His personality is similar to the Disney character Goofy. In the German series, this character was known as "Dummvogel", literally "stupid bird".

The character's name was never spoken in the theatrical shorts, only being referred to as a "chicken" or a "crane" by other characters. When his own series entered production he was initially called "Ichabod Crane"[2] before settling on "Crazylegs Crane".


In the cartoons that star Crazylegs Crane (voiced by Larry D. Mann), he always goes through various misadventures (often accompanied by his son Crazylegs Crane Jr. (voiced by Frank Welker)) and often deals with his frenemy, a fire-breathing dragonfly (voiced by Frank Welker impersonating Andy Kaufman).

None of the shorts contained any credit information; only the series title and episode title were shown.

Theatrical shortsEdit

  1. Go For Croak (1969, Tijuana Toads)
  2. Snake in the Gracias (1971, Tijuana Toads)
  3. Two Jumps and a Chump (1971, Tijuana Toads)
  4. The Egg and Ay Yi Yi! (1971, Tijuana Toads)
  5. A Leap in the Deep (1971, Tijuana Toads)
  6. Flight to the Finish (1972, Tijuana Toads)
  7. Blue Aces Wild (1973, The Blue Racer)
  8. Snake Preview (1973, The Blue Racer)
  9. Aches and Snakes (1973, The Blue Racer)
  10. The Goose That Laid a Golden Egg (1974, The Dogfather)
  11. Mother Dogfather (1974, The Dogfather)


  1. Life With Feather
  2. Crane Brained
  3. King of the Swamp
  4. Sonic Broom
  5. Winter Blunderland
  6. Storky and Hatch
  7. Fly by Knight
  8. Sneaker Snack
  9. Barnacle Bird
  10. Animal Crack-ups
  11. Jet Feathers
  12. Nest Quest
  13. Bug Off
  14. Beach Bummer
  15. Flower Power
  16. Trail of the Lonesome Mine


Crazylegs Crane previously aired as part of The All-New Pink Panther Show on This TV on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 am Eastern Time until September 22, 2011. Also, most of the shorts often air as filler material on Boomerang. Some episodes have also appeared on YouTube, Hulu and other online video sites.

Home videoEdit

A DVD[3] and Blu-ray[4] containing the 16 episodes were released on April 26, 2016 from Kino Lorber.


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