Crago Observatory

The observatory photographed in 2011.

Crago Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned by the Astronomical Society of New South Wales.[1] It is located at Bowen Mountain, near North Richmond, which is around 75 kilometres (47 mi) from Sydney city.[2]

The observatory consists of a large rotating dome housing a 16″ ƒ/7 Dobsonian telescope, fitted with Argo Navis and ServoCAT as well as a wide range of eyepieces and star charts available for use with the telescope.

Crago is significant in that it is one of the most accessible observatories to Sydney residents that does not suffer from excessive light pollution compared to Sydney Observatory located in the city.

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Coordinates: 33°33′50″S 150°37′15″E / 33.56389°S 150.62083°E / -33.56389; 150.62083