List of county roads in Bradford County, Florida

The following is a list of county roads in Bradford County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

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County roads in Bradford County

County roads in Bradford CountyEdit

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
  CR 18 Charlotte Avenue SR 231 / SR 235 in Brooker SR 100 east-southeast of Hampton former SR 18[1]
  CR 18 SE 66 Street, SE 9 Avenue SR 100 southeast of Hampton Crystal Lake Road at the BradfordClay county line north-northwest of Keystone Heights former SR 18[1]
  CR 21B Dead end south-southwest of Keystone Heights SR 100 northwest of Keystone Heights former SR 21B and SR 21A[1]
  CR 100A Edwards Road SR 100 in Starke US 301 in Starke former SR 100A[1]
  CR 100A SE 44th Avenue SE 44th Avenue south of Starke US 301 in Starke former SR 100A;[1] partly inventoried by FDOT as CR 1206
  CR 100A SR 100 south-southeast of Starke SR 100 south of Starke former SR 100A[1]
  CR 125 CR 125 at the UnionBradford county line northwest of Lawtey Entrance to DuPont plant at BradfordClay county line northeast of Lawtey former SR 125[1]
  CR 200A Lake Street US 301 south-southwest of Lawtey US 301 / CR 225 (Lake Street) in Lawtey former SR 200A[1]
  CR 200B Lynwood Avenue US 301 south-southwest of Lawtey CR 225 (Lake Street) in Lawtey former SR 200B[1]
  CR 214 SR 21 southwest of Keystone Heights CR 214 at the BradfordClay county line south-southwest of Keystone Heights former SR 214[1]
  CR 221 Navarre Avenue US 301 southwest of Hampton US 301 north of Hampton former SR 221;[1] brief concurrency with CR 18 in Hampton
  CR 225 CR 1475 at the AlachuaBradford county line south of Graham CR 18 in Graham former SR 225[1]
  CR 225 CR 227 southwest of Starke SW 21 Street northwest of Sampson City former SR 225[1]
  CR 225 SR 100 west-northwest of Starke CR 225 at the BradfordClay county line south-southeast of Lawtey former SR 225;[1] brief concurrency with US 301 in Lawtey
  CR 225A CR 225 and NW 57 Avenue west of Lawtey CR 125 west-northwest of Lawtey former SR 225A[1]
  CR 227 CR 18 west-northwest of Hampton US 301 and SE 125th Street south-southwest of Starke former SR 227[1]
  CR 229 W. Weldon Street CR 229 at the UnionBradford county line south-southeast of Raiford SR 16 (Raiford Road) in Starke former SR 229[1]
  CR 229A CR 229 west-southwest of Lawtey SR 16 west-southwest of Lawtey former SR 229A[1]
  CR 230A CR 100A southeast of Starke SR 230 east of Starke former SR 230A[1]
  CR 231 Dedan Loop CR 18 west-northwest of Graham CR 18 east of Brooker former SR 231[1]
  CR 231 Bloxham Street SR 18 / SR 231 / SR 235 / CR 235 in Brooker CR 231 at the UnionBradford county line south of Lake Butler former SR 231[1]
  CR 233 CR 229A and NW 74 Street north-northwest of Starke US 301 and NE 193 Street north-northeast of Starke former SR 233[1]
  CR 235 SR 18 / SR 231 / SR 235 / CR 231 in Brooker CR 229 southeast of Raiford former SR 235;[1] unsigned concurrency with SR 100 southeast of Lake Butler
  CR 235A Bloxham Street CR 18 (Charlotte Avenue) in Brooker CR 231 / CR 235 north of Brooker
  CR 237 CR 1493 at the AlachuaBradford county line west-southwest of Brooker SR 18 northwest of Brooker former SR 237[1]
  CR 325 CR 1471 at the AlachuaBradford county line south of Hampton CR 18 / CR 221 (Navarre Avenue) in Hampton former SR 325[1]


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