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Ipswich was a local government district covering the town of Ipswich, East Suffolk from 1835 to 1974. It was a municipal borough from 1835 and a county borough from 1889. It originated from the ancient borough of Ipswich. The local authority was Ipswich Corporation. In 1974 it was replaced by the non-metropolitan district of Ipswich and Ipswich Borough Council became the local authority, with county council duties fulfilled by Suffolk County Council.

 • Created1835
 • Abolished1974
 • Succeeded byBorough of Ipswich
StatusMunicipal borough (1835–1889)
County borough (1889–1974)
GovernmentIpswich Corporation

Following the Local Government Act 1888, the county of Suffolk outside of Ipswich was split into East Suffolk and West Suffolk for administrative purposes and the term administrative county was introduced. There was a level of continuity as Ipswich was still run by the Ipswich Corporation, independently from East Suffolk (which surrounded it), although the county council was based in Ipswich at East Suffolk County Hall.

The county borough of Ipswich was abolished in 1974 following the Local Government Act 1972 and Ipswich became a non-metropolitan district with borough status in the county of Suffolk.