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This is a list of the counts of Eu, a French fief in the Middle Ages. (Eu is in the department of Seine-Maritime, in the extreme north of Normandy.)

Map of Normandy

House of NormandyEdit

Arms of the Counts of Eu, House of Normandy: D'azur, au lion d'or,l'écu semé de billettes d'or
  • 996–1015: Geoffrey, also Count of Brionne, illegitimate son of Duke Richard I of Normandy
  • 1015–1040: Gilbert, also Count of Brionne, son of the previous
  • 1040–1050 (approximate): William I, brother of Geoffrey
  • William Busac, son of the previous, 1050-1053 (approximate)
  • Robert I, also Lord of Hastings, son of William I, 1053-1093
  • William II, also Lord of Hastings, son of Robert, 1093-1096
  • Henry I, also Lord of Hastings, son of William II, 1096-1140
  • John, also Lord of Hastings, son of Henry I, 1140-1170
  • Henry II, also Lord of Hastings, son of John, 1170-1191
  • Alix, Countess of Eu and Lady of Hastings, daughter of Henry II, 1191-1246.

House of LusignanEdit

Arms of the Lusignan Counts of Eu

House of BrienneEdit

Raoul IV was accused of treason in 1350, and the county was confiscated. The county was then given to John of Artois.

House of ArtoisEdit

House of BourchierEdit

House of Burgundy-NeversEdit

Burgundian Eu 1472–1477

House of ClevesEdit

House of GuiseEdit

In 1660, he sold Eu to the duchesse de Montpensier.

House of MontpensierEdit

She sold it in 1681 to the duc du Maine.

House of BourbonEdit

The title was used by the House of Bourbon du Maine till 1775 when that house became extinct. It then passed over to the cousins of the du Maines: the House of Bourbon-Penthièvre

House of OrléansEdit

Further readingEdit

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