Count Franz Philipp von Lamberg

Count Franz Philipp von Lamberg (Hungarian: Lamberg Ferenc Fülöp, November 30, 1791 – September 28, 1848) Austrian soldier and statesman, was born in Mór (Moor), Hungary. He held the military rank of Feldmarschallleutnant.

Count Franz Philipp von Lamberg
(Lithography of Josef Kriehuber).

He entered the third Uhlan regiment in 1810. He served in the War of the Sixth Coalition (1813–1814). In 1834 he was promoted to the rank of major. After 32 years of military service, in 1842 he was assigned the rank of Feldmarschallleutnant.

In 1848, the circumstance that, as a member of the upper echelons of the Hungarian nobility, he had been entrusted with Hungarian relations with Austria brought him the difficult, but also distinguished, assignment as imperial commissioner charged with bringing about a peaceful adjustment between the emperor and the people. But before his arrival in Pest, Kossuth had incited the legislature to forbid his taking office as palatine of Hungary, and the army was instructed not to obey him. His assignment was without ministerial countersign. After his arrival in Pest, and a short and fruitless discussion with General Hrabowsky, he took a cab to a fortification. While crossing the Danube on the pontoon bridge, a mob which had been advised of his arrival fell upon the cab, murdered Lamberg, mutilated the body, and triumphantly carried it, impaled on scythes, to the disabled soldiers' home.

Lamberg's death marked a turning point in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, as the Imperial Court in Vienna decided to dissolve the Hungarian Parliament and send in the troops of Josip Jelačić into Hungary.

Family and childrenEdit

With Countess Caroline Hoyos, he had at least two children:

  • a son, father of Countess Ladislaja von Lamberg;
  • Countess Theresia von Lamberg, who married Franz, Count of Meran, and had issue.


Lamberg Castle in Mór.
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