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Cotswold Rail[1] was an English spot-hire company of shunting and mainline locomotives, based in Gloucester.

ServicesLocomotive spot-hire
ParentAdrian Parcell
SubsidiariesAdvenza Freight


Cotswold Rail was founded in 2000. It initially acted as a broker for rolling stock. In June 2000 it offered 13 141 Pacers for sale.[2]

In 2001, some Class 08 shunting locomotives were purchased, which were hired to both industry and main-line railway companies.[3]

Cotswold Rail also purchased a fleet of Class 47 locomotives. From June 2002 until June 2009, it provided Class 47s for Anglia Railways and its successor National Express East Anglia as a rescue locomotive and to haul Mark 2 sets on Summer Saturday services from Norwich to Great Yarmouth.[4][5]

In 2004, Cotswold Rail leased 12 former Virgin Trains Mark 3 carriages from Porterbrook.[6][7]

In April 2005, Cotswold Rail acquired leased some Class 87 electric locomotives.[8] A fleet of ten locomotives was planned for spot-hire work, charter operations and a new intermodal freight flow. However, all locomotives were returned to the leasing company (Porterbrook) in 2006.

In September 2005 two former Virgin CrossCountry High Speed Train sets were leased.[9] These were returned in August 2006.[10]

In 2005, Cotswold Rail purchased Advenza Freight, primarily for its safety case. This allowed it to operate freight services.[11] In 2007, railtour promoter Steamy Affairs was purchased.[12]

Following HM Revenue & Customs successfully applying to have Advenza Freight wound up over unpaid taxes in October 2009,[13][14][15] Cotswold Rail entered voluntary administration in January 2010.[16]


Cotswold Rail's livery adopted a silver, with red and blue bands livery. It named its locomotives after geographical features, such as Cam Peak and the Fosse Way, or after music industry personalities, namely John Peel, Joe Strummer and Captain Sensible.


In 2006, Cotswold Rail leased the closed Gloucester Horton Road depot.[17] The facility which had last been used in 1992, was next to Gloucester station, was also the location of the company offices and usually played host to stabled company owned locomotives.

Blue PullmanEdit

In 2007 Cotswold Rail acquired rights to the Blue Pullman service, setting up The Blue Pullman Train Co[18][19] using the Blue Pullman liveried coaches purchased following the receivership of its previous operator FM Rail. Cotswold re-launched the Blue Pullman service on February 2007 using its silver Class 47s.[20][21]


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