Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress

The Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress was a Dacian fortified town. Located near Costești village, Hunedoara County, Romania, it belongs to the Dacian Fortresses of the Orăștie Mountains World Heritage Site. The fortress was built in the 1st century BC, during Burebista’s rule, with the purpose of defending the area against the Romans.

Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress
Cetatea Dacică Costești-Cetățuie
Cetatea Costesti.JPG
Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress is located in Romania
Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress
Shown within Romania
LocationCetățuie,​ Costești,​ Hunedoara,​ Romania
Coordinates45°40′49″N 23°09′15″E / 45.680189°N 23.154285°E / 45.680189; 23.154285Coordinates: 45°40′49″N 23°09′15″E / 45.680189°N 23.154285°E / 45.680189; 23.154285
Altitude514 m (1,686 ft)
AreaHunedoara County
Founded1st century BC
Abandoned2nd century AD
EventsTrajan's Dacian Wars
Site notes
Reference no.906
Reference no.HD-I-s-A-03177 [1]

Information about the fortressEdit

The site is located in the river valley of Apa Grădiștei. The superior plateau of the hill where it is situated is 514 m above sea level. It was a strong fortress which had a defensive role. Apparently, it had a civilian settlement at the base and it was the regular residence of the Dacian kings. Another important role was the guarding of the road to Sarmizegetusa Regia.



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