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A Cossack host (Ukrainian: козацьке військо, kozatske viysko; Russian: каза́чье во́йско, kazachye voysko), sometimes translated as Cossack army, was an administrative subdivision of Cossacks in the Russian Empire. Earlier the term viysko (host) referred to Cossack organizations in their historical territories, most notable being the Zaporozhian Host of Ukrainian Cossacks.

Russian EmpireEdit

Each Cossack host consisted of a certain territory with Cossack settlements that had to provide military regiments for service in the Imperial Russian Army and for border patrol. Usually the hosts were named after the regions of their location. The stanitsa, or village, formed the primary unit of this organization.

In the Russian Empire (1721-1917), the Cossacks constituted eleven separate hosts, settled along the frontiers:

There was also a small number of the Cossacks in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk, who would form the Yenisey Cossack Host and the Irkutsk Cossack Regiment of the Ministry of the Interior in 1917.

Cossack hosts on Russian soil were disbanded[by whom?] in 1920, in the course of the Russian Civil War of 1917-1922 (see Decossackization). Cossacks who settled abroad continued to preserve the traditions of their hosts of origin (for example: the Triunited Don-Kuban-Terek Cossack Union (Russian: Объединенный совет Дона, Кубани и Терека (ОСДКТ)) founded in Istanbul in January 1921).

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