Corsica Libera

Corsica Libera (pronounced [ˈkorsiɡa ˈlibɛra], English: Free Corsica) is a left-wing separatist political party active in Corsica. It was founded in Corte in February 2009 by members of three nationalist parties, Corsica Nazione, Rinnovu and the Corsican Nationalist Alliance.

Free Corsica
Corsica Libera
LeaderJean-Guy Talamoni
Founded1 February 2009
Headquarters1, Rue Miot
20297 Bastia
IdeologyCorsican independence
Left-wing nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing[1]
Colours  Orange
Corsican Assembly
1 / 63

Corsica Libera advocates full independence for Corsica and it does not condemn the violent actions by groups such as the National Liberation Front of Corsica. The party distinguished itself with its symbolic occupation of Christian Clavier's Corsican residence. The party has one seat in the Corsican Assembly and a number of local councillors, including the mayor of the small village Granace.

The party's candidate in the 2010 territorial elections, Jean-Guy Talamoni, won 9.36% of the vote and qualified for the runoff. In the first round of the 2015 French regional elections, Corsica Libera received 7.73% of the vote.[2]


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