Correos de Chile

Correos de Chile, also known as CorreosChile (ChilePost —not to be confused with the private mail and courier company ChilePost), is a Chilean state-owned and autonomous enterprise dedicated to the mailing, money transfers, and national/international courier services, and fulfilling the functions of Universal Postal Service.

Correos de Chile
TypeState-owned enterprise
IndustryPostal services, courier
Founded1747; 274 years ago (1747)

It was founded in 1747,[1] but created as SOE by the DFL N° 10, December 24 of 1981, dissolving the previous SOE Servicio de Correos y Telégrafos (Post and Telegraph service), separating mailing and Telex services, founding Telex-Chile (that was extinguished as service when Internet becomes massive, but still exists legally as enterprise, providing other telecommunications services). Depends administratively by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications.


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