Corpus de Sang

The Corpus de Sang (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkɔɾpuz ðə ˈsaŋ], "Corpus of Blood") was a riot which took place in Sant Andreu de Palomar and later in Barcelona on 7-10 June 1640, during Corpus Christi, which marked a turning point in the development of the Reapers' War.[1]

Corpus de Sang
Part of Thirty Years' War
Els segadors.jpg
"Corpus of Blood" by H. Miralles (1910)
Date7 June, 1640
Result Catalan victory
Catalonia Spain Spanish Monarchy
Commanders and leaders
Spain Dalmau de Queralt
Casualties and losses
Between 12 & 20 dead

The riot was between a group of harvesters and some local "andreuencs", during which one harvester was badly hurt.


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Coordinates: 41°24′07″N 2°10′00″E / 41.4019°N 2.1667°E / 41.4019; 2.1667