Corpo Dourado

Corpo Dourado (Summer Affair)[1] is a Brazilian soap opera produced by and shown on Rede Globo from 12 January 1998 through 21 August 1998. The 191 chapters were written by Antônio Calmon and directed by Flávio Colatrello Jr, and later Marcos Schetchman.

Corpo Dourado
Created byAntônio Calmon
StarringCristiana Oliveira
Humberto Martins
Marcos Winter
Maria Luísa Mendonça
Gerson Brenner
Fábio Júnior
Danielle Winits
Bianca Byington
Giovanna Antonelli
Felipe Camargo
Ana Rosa
Fernanda Rodrigues
Marcelo Faria
Lucinha Lins
Rosamaria Murtinho
Flávio Galvão
Felipe Folgosi
Mônica Carvalho
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Opening themeSomente o Sol by Deborah Blando
Country of originBrazil
Original languagePortuguese
No. of episodes191
Production locationBrazil
Running time50 minutes (approx.)
Original networkRede Globo
Picture formatPAL-M
Original release12 January (1998-01-12) –
21 August 1998 (1998-08-21)


Selena farmer is a fiber young woman who does not rest while trying to extract a secret from her mother Camila: the identity of her father. But she also dreams of one day having the love of Chico, the commission agent of the coastal city of Marimbá. Only that it is complicated investigating a mysterious murder.

The two form a love triangle with Arturzinho, São Paulo entrepreneur of the branch of footwear. The stormy Amanda, who abandons Arturzinho at the altar to marry Chico, is the owner of the tannery that supplies the plant of shoes, and reluta in accepting the revelation of that Selena is his bastard sister. Breaching with Arturzinho's family, Amanda provokes the financial destruction of the shoe factory.

The crime shakes the family of Arturzinho still more: its father, Zé Paulo, are assassinated. One is uncovered then video ribbon where Zé Pablo asks for to the son to be married Selena and to save the finances of the family. Initially, Arturzinho and Selena if detestam. It sees it as "maricas", distant of its reality, while it considers it one "machona without education". E still: how Arturzinho goes to explain the situation for Alicinha, its case?

Despite the differences and the problems, Arturzinho and Selena they finish if involving, for desperation delegated it Chico, that was gotten passionate for the farmer, if moving away each time more from Amanda, who already displays serious psychological problems.

There is another love triangle, formed by Judy, her boyfriend Tadeu and Billy, the mysterious photographer who arrives at the folloied city of the Zeca son. Billy, whose character remains mysterious for all the tram, finishes up having an involvement with Amanda.


Detached the protagonists

Participation special

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  • In the opening the name of Cristiana Oliveira, was wrong credited as Cristiana "of" Oliveira.
  • The General Average was of 37 points, being satisfactory for the schedule.




  1. Vivo Por Ella - Andrea Bocelli & Sandy
  2. Pra Te Ter Aqui - Netinho
  3. Coração Vazio - Michael Sullivan
  4. Pura Emoção (Achy Breaky Heart) - Chitãozinho e Xororó
  5. Somente o Sol (I'm Not in Love) - Deborah Blando
  6. Realidade Virtual - Cidade Negra
  7. Grama Verde - Adriana Maciel
  8. Choveu - Blitz
  9. Dois - Paulo Ricardo
  10. O Que Você Quer - Rita Lee
  11. Quase - Daúde
  12. Hanime - Ive
  13. Me Liga - Patrícia Marx
  14. Se Todos Fosssem Iguas a Você - Claudia Telles


  1. I Will Come To You - Hanson
  2. My All - Mariah Carey
  3. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
  4. Angels - Robbie Williams
  5. You Sexy Thing - T-shirt
  6. Secrets - Nicki French
  7. The Mummer's Dance - Loreena McKennitt
  8. How Do I Live - Debra Michaels
  9. Whenever I Call You Friend - Michael Johnson featuring Alison Krauss
  10. Ain't That Just The Way - Betsy Loop
  11. You're Still The One - Shania Twain
  12. Take Me As I Am - Faith Hill
  13. Say You'll Be Mine - La Bouche
  14. Breaking All The Rules - She Moves
  15. Sunshyme - Rising Sun
  16. Lonely - Stars And Strippers


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