Coronet Cluster

The Coronet Cluster, also known as the R CrA cluster after its best-known member, is a small open cluster located about 170 parsecs away in the southern constellation Corona Australis, isolated at the edge of the Gould Belt.[1][2] The Coronet Cluster is 3.5 times closer to the Earth than the Orion Nebula Cluster.[3] The cluster center is composed of mostly young stars.[4] The variable T Coronae Australis is also a member, only one arc minute from R CrA.

Coronet Cluster
R Coronae Australis region.jpg
R CrA region, with the Coronet Cluster in the centre, with reflection nebulae lit by TY CrA and HD 176386 to upper right, and the HD 176270/HD 176269 pair at lower right
Credit: ESO
Observation data (J2000.0 epoch)
ConstellationCorona Australis
Right ascension19h 1m 54s
Declination−36° 57.2′
Distance420–550 ly (130–170 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)8
Apparent dimensions (V)26 arcmin
Physical characteristics
Massunknown M
Radius2.1 light years
Estimated age0.5–2 million years
Notable featuresrelative scarcity of circumstellar discs
Other designationsR CRA, G359.93-17.85 by BDB2003 catalog
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