Corn Holm seen from Copinsay. Black Holm can be seen beyond it, and in the distance the parish of Deerness on Mainland, Orkney

Corn Holm is a small tidal island in Orkney, near Copinsay to the west. There was once a small chapel here,[1] and it is covered in birdlife.

Geography and geologyEdit

Corn Holm is made up of red sandstone.[1] At low tide it is connected to Black Holm and Ward Holm, and is connected to Copinsay by a stretch called "Isle Rough". The sections north and south of Isle Rough are known as North and South Bay.


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Coordinates: 58°54′3″N 2°41′55″W / 58.90083°N 2.69861°W / 58.90083; -2.69861