Cormocephalus rubriceps

Cormocephalus rubriceps is a large centipede of the family Scolopendridae. It is native to Australia and New Zealand, where it is found in the North Island and on islands off the North Island.[1] At up to 25 cm in length, it is the largest centipede in New Zealand.

Cormocephalus rubriceps
Cormocephalus rubriceps 46752804.jpg
Scientific classification
C. rubriceps
Binomial name
Cormocephalus rubriceps
(Newport, 1843)
Giant Centipede carved or pare carved on display at the New Zealand Arthropod Collection at Landcare Research, Auckland.


Cormocephalus rubriceps

This species known to Maori in New Zealand as the Hura,[2] was given its latin name by George Newport in 1843 as Scolopendra rubriceps.[3] Newport published a description of the species under that name in 1845.[4]


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