Coppa Placci

The Coppa Placci is a semi-classic European bicycle race held between Imola, Italy and San Marino. Since 2005, the race has been organised as a 1.HC event on the UCI Europe Tour.

Coppa Placci
Race details
RegionEmilia, Italy
English namePlacci Cup
Local name(s)Coppa Placci (in Italian)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
OrganiserUnione Sportiva Imolese
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First edition1923 (1923)
Editions59 (as of 2009)
First winnerItaly Enea Dal Fiume
Most winsItaly Emilio Petiva
Italy Ugo Colombo
Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck
ItalyGiovanni Battaglin
Italy Francesco Casagrande
(2 wins)
Most recentItaly Filippo Pozzato

The race is named after Antonio Placci, a cyclist born in Imola who died in 1921, two years before the race was created.

Because of sponsorship problems, in 2010 the race has been excluded from the UCI Europe Tour and was reserved to the Elite/Under 23 Category.

In 2011 the race was held as Giro della Romagna – Coppa Placci and won by Oscar Gatto.[1]

In 2012 the race also merged with another Italian classic, the Giro del Veneto;[2] the Giro del Veneto – Coppa Placci was won again by Oscar Gatto.[3]

The race should have returned in 2013 as Coppa Placci.[4] The edition was scheduled on 16 October 2013 as a 1.1 event;[5] however, the race was later cancelled again.[6]


Year Country Rider Team
1923   Italy Enea Dal Fiume
1924   Italy Emilio Petiva
1925   Italy Emilio Petiva
1926   Italy Ermanno Vallazza
1927   Italy Aleardo Simoni
1928   Italy Pietro Fossati
1929–1945 No race
1946   Italy Nedo Logli
1947 No race
1948   Italy Luigi Casola
1949   Italy Renzo Soldani
1950   Italy Giacomo Zampieri
1951–1952 No race
1953   Italy Luciano Maggini
1954–1961 No race
1962   Italy Franco Cribori
1963   Italy Ercole Baldini
1964   Italy Guido De Rosso
1965   Italy Michele Dancelli
1966   Italy Felice Gimondi
1967   Italy Luciano Armani
1968 No race
1969   Italy Roberto Ballini
1970   Italy Ugo Colombo
1971   Italy Ugo Colombo
1972   Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck
1973   Italy Italo Zilioli
1974   Belgium Roger De Vlaeminck
1975   Italy Francesco Moser
1976   Italy Fausto Bertoglio
1977   Italy Marino Basso
1978   Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli
1979   Italy Giovanni Battaglin
1980   Italy Giovanni Battaglin
1981   Italy Alfio Vandi
1982   Italy Alfredo Chinetti
1983   Italy Marino Amadori
1984   Portugal Acacio Da Silva
1985   Italy Silvano Contini
1986   Italy Guido Bontempi
1987   Italy Massimo Ghirotto
1988   Italy Piermattia Gavazzi
1989   Italy Claudio Chiappucci
1990   Switzerland Mauro Gianetti
1991   Switzerland Laurent Dufaux
1992   Belgium Johan Bruyneel
1993   Italy Maximillian Sciandri
1994   Italy Angelo Lecchi
1995   Italy Francesco Casagrande
1996   Italy Andrea Tafi
1997   Switzerland Beat Zberg
1998   Italy Mauro Zanetti
1999   Italy Mirko Celestino
2000   Italy Francesco Casagrande
2001   Italy Paolo Bettini
2002   Italy Matteo Tosatto
2003   Italy Danilo Di Luca
2004   Italy Leonardo Bertagnolli
2005   Italy Paolo Valoti
2006   Italy Rinaldo Nocentini
2007   Italy Alessandro Bertolini
2008   Italy Luca Paolini
2009   Italy Filippo Pozzato Team Katusha
2010   Italy Francesco Bongiorno Futura Team-Matricardi
2011*   Italy Oscar Gatto Farnese Vini–Neri Sottoli
2012**   Italy Oscar Gatto Farnese Vini–Selle Italia

*as Giro della Romagna – Coppa Placci
**as Giro del Veneto – Coppa Placci


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