Copa Aerosur

The Aerosur Cup is a Bolivian football tournament held in the La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, sponsored by Aerosur airline. The original idea was to make AeroSur Cup a tournament for the winning teams from previous seasons in the whole country of (Bolivia), this idea changed. Later on, the Cup became a tournament between the 6 best teams of the main cities: Wilstermann, Oriente Petrolero, Blooming, The Strongest and Bolivar, and Aurora. In 2008 the tournament was split in two competition:Copa Aerosur and Copa Aerosur del Sur. The AeroSur Cup from the south was created due to the requests from several South teams that are not taken into account in the Original Cup. The most important protagonists of the cup are: La Paz FC (Runners-up in 2 tournaments in 2008), Real Potosi (2007 Apertura champions), Universitario (2008 Apertura Champions), San Jose (1995 Liga and 2007 Apertura Champions), which can’t be considered small teams, as they have won 3 of the last 9 tournaments played in the Major League of Bolivian Soccer.

Copa Aerosur
Founded18 February 2002
CountryBolivia Bolivia
Level on pyramid2
Current championsBolivar
(Copa Aerosur & del Sur 2011)
Most championshipsOriente Petrolero &
Blooming &
Bolivar &
Jorge Wilstermann (2 titles each)
Current: Copa Aerosur & del Sur 2011

Aerosur Champion Cup and the Aerosur Cup from the south have become important because they are considered the most eagerly awaited cup by the country's soccer fans, not only because they are the first two tournaments that open the season, but also because the expectations to see new players and reinforcements hired by each team.

List of ChampionshipEdit

Copa AerosurEdit

Season Champion (title count) Runner-up Semifinalists
2003 Oriente Petrolero (1) Jorge Wilsterman Bolivar
San José
2004 Jorge Wilstermann (1) Aurora The Strongest
Oriente Petrolero
2005 Oriente Petrolero (2) Bolivar Destroyers
Jorge Wilstermann
2006 Blooming (1) The Strongest Oriente Petrolero
Real Potosi
2007 The Strongest (1) Oriente Petrolero Bolivar
Chaco Petrolero
2008 Blooming (2) Jorge Wilsterman Bolivar
2009 Bolivar (1) Jorge Wilsterman Blooming
Oriente Petrolero
2010 Bolivar (2) Jorge Wilsterman Blooming
The Strongest
2011 Jorge Wilsterman (2) Aurora Oriente Petrolero
The Strongest

Copa Aerosur del SurEdit

Season Champion (title count) Runner-up Semifinalists
2006 San José (1) Universitario de Sucre Real Potosí
Unión Central
2007 La Paz FC (1) Real Potosí Universitario de Sucre
2008 Real Potosí (1) Universitario de Sucre La Paz
2009 San José (2) Universitario de Sucre La Paz
The Strongest
2010 Guabirá (1) Real Potosí San José
2011 Universitario (1) Real Potosí San José
Nacional Potosí

Results by team (Copa Aerosur)Edit

Club Wins Last final won Runners-up Last final lost
Jorge Wilstermann 2 2011 4 2010
Oriente Petrolero 2 2005 1 2007
Bolívar 2 2010 1 2005
Blooming 2 2008 0
The Strongest 1 2007 1 2006
Aurora 0 2 2011

Results by team (Copa Aerosur del Sur)Edit

Club Wins Last final won Runners-up Last final lost
San José 2 2009 0
Guabirá 1 2010 0
Universitario 1 2011 0
Real Potosí 1 2008 3
La Paz FC 1 2007 3