Copa 50imo Aniversario de Clarín

The Copa 50imo Aniversario de Clarín (English: Clarín's 50th Anniversary Cup), was a friendly football match realized between Argentina and Brazil, on November 8, 1995.[1]

Copa 50imo Aniversario de Clarín
50th. Anniversary of Clarín Cup
Estadio "El Monumental" 2016 (1).jpg
Estadio Monumental, venue
EventFriendly match
Date8 November 1995 (1995-11-08)
VenueEstadio Monumental, Buenos Aires
RefereeErnesto Filippi (URU)

The match was played on the occasion of the 50th. anniversary of Clarín, the largest newspapers of Argentina and the second most circulated in the Spanish-speaking world,[2][3] which was also the main sponsor for the match.

This was the 80th time that Argentina and Brazil faced each other,[4] and the first match between both teams after Brazil eliminated Argentina via penalty shoot-out at the 1995 Copa América, when forward Túlio scored a controversial goal (he used his hand to receive the pass before shooting) to tie the game on 81'. That goal forced the penalties to qualify a team to semifinals.[5][6]

They (the Argentines) can't claim anything because they did not claim when the hand of God happened in 1986. Mine was the hand of Virgin Mary, whom I love more than God.[6]

— Túlio in an interview in 2019

A second match would be played by both teams in 1997.[7]

Match detailsEdit

Argentina  0–1  Brazil
Report Donizete   21'

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