Cootamundra Annual Classic

The Cootamundra Annual Classic, also known as the Coota Classic or Coota Annual is a bicycle handicap race starting and finishing in the New South Wales town of Cootamundra. First run in 1955, the race is traditionally held on the last weekend in August. Today it is one of the oldest open road races in New South Wales.

Cootamundra Annual Classic
Race details
RegionNew South Wales, Australia
Nickname(s)Coota Annual, Coota Classic
CompetitionState Open
TypeRoad Handicap
OrganiserCootamundra Cycling Club
First edition1955 (1955)
First winner Jim Bumdy (AUS)
Most wins Garry Crowe (AUS) 3 wins
Most recent Aaron Donnelly (AUS) (2012)


The race has run every year since 1955, making it one of oldest races on the Cycling NSW open calendar. Organised by Cootamundra Cycling Club, past winners have included road professional Graeme Brown and 2010 Melbourne to Warrnambool winner Rhys Pollock. Traditionally the race was held in the last Saturday of August each year, it has now moved to fit with the NSW Cycling calendar.

Cootamundra local man Garry Crowe holds the title of the most Coota Annual wins after taking the honours in 1968, 1975 and again in 1991 at the age of 50 years old.


Up until 2011 the course started in Cootamundra, traveled North through the small town Wallendbeen to Young along the Olympic Highway. The race then turned south, travelling to Harden, then West back to Wallendbeen before returning to the finish in Cootamundra. The course was 120 kilometres long.

From 2011 the course was shortened to 106 km with the course resembling a figure '8' centered on Cootamundra

Past winnersEdit

Year Distance Winner From Fastest Time From
2012 106 km Aaron Donnelly Illawarra CC Aaron Donnelly 2:27'06" Illawarra CC
2011 106 km Shaun Lewis Southern Highlands CC Stephen Fairless 2:27'21" Shepparton Cycling Club
2010 120 km Rhys Pollock Albury Wodonga CC Rhys Pollock 2:49'21" Albury Wodonga CC
2009 120 km Stuart Shaw Canberra CC Stuart Shaw 2:54'47" Canberra CC
2008 120 km Matthew Carmellotti Norwa Velo Club Blair Windsor 2:48'35"
2007 120 km Joe McDonnell Sutherland Shire CC Joe McDonnell 2:44'35" Sutherland Shire CC
2006 120 km Charles Gascoyne/Kevin Nicholls Orange CTC/? Rob McLachlan 2:41'45" Canberra CC
2005 120 km David Whyman Randwick Botany CC Stuart Shaw 2:41'00"* Canberra CC
2004 120 km Rob McLachlan Canberra CC Rob McLachlan 2:42'30" Canberra CC
2003 120 km Hector Morales Hector Morales 2:55'59"
2002 120 km Craig Metcalf Albury Wodonga CC Josh Collingwood 2:46'46"
2001 120 km John Leary Cootamundra Cycle Club Brian Appleyard 2:46'49"
2000 120 km Darren Rolf Darren Rolf 2:48'07"
1999 120 km Marcus Hayman Trent Wilson 2:48'19"
1998 120 km Graham Brown Graham Brown 2:46'07"

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