The Cooper T59 was the third series Formula Junior racing car produced by the Cooper Car Company, designed for the 1962 season. Similar in layout to the T56, the T59 was five inches narrower and one and half inches lower than its predecessor. A semi-reclining seat position was adopted for the driver. The chassis frame was stiffened up and the front and rear roll centres raised. T59s were supplied with either Ford or BMC 'A series' engines.

The 1962 Cooper T59 FJ of Michael Shearer, pictured in 2014

Complete Formula One World Championship resultsEdit


Year Entrant Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts. WCC
1962 Anglo-American Equipe Climax FPF 1.5 L4 D NED MON BEL FRA GBR GER ITA USA RSA 29 (37)* 3rd
Ian Burgess 12 11 DNQ
1965 Trevor Blokdyk Ford 109E 1.5 L4 D RSA MON BEL FRA GBR NED GER ITA USA MEX 0 NC
Trevor Blokdyk DNQ

* Includes points scored by other Cooper models

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