Cooper is a surname.

In England, it was occupational surname, that is, derived from an occupation; in this case the maker and repairer of wooden barrels, casks, vats, etc., known as a cooper. The name evolved from the Middle English couper or cowper, which in turn derives from Middle Dutch kūper (kūp meaning "tub container").[1]

In Scotland, the name Cooper was derived from the town of Cupar, in Fife (originating from Cu—pyre, the enclosed or high fire). In the late 19th century, the name was distributed across England, but most common in three main regions: the northern midlands; Sussex and Hampshire; and Suffolk.[2]

Related names are the Dutch Kuiper, and the German Kupfer, Kupper, and Kuper.[1]

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  • Tim Cooper (brewer), managing director of Coopers Brewery
  • Tim Cooper (footballer), New Zealand international

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  • Yvette Cooper (born 1969), British Labour Party politician and 2015 Labour leadership contender

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