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Escape from Tarkov is a tactical first-person shooter video game being developed by American studio Battlestate Games. Ratings blood and violence A closed alpha of the game was first made available to select users, on August 4, 2016.[1]

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov.jpg
Developer(s)Battlestate Games
Publisher(s)Battlestate Games
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)First-person shooter, Tactical shooter
Mode(s)Multi-player, Arena-mode, Freeroam-mode



Escape from Tarkov is set in the fictional Norvinsk region in Northwestern Russia, around a "special economic zone" that served as a gateway between Russia and Europe.[2] However, this attracted corporations with dubious intent, and the city of Tarkov became the centre for a major political scandal involving corrupt corporations in the Norvinsk region. Six months later the situation erupted into an armed conflict involving the Russian Internal Troops, United Nations peacekeepers, and two private military companies: United Security (USEC) and BEAR.[2] The Norvinsk region's borders were sealed off, and those trapped in the middle of the war zone were isolated from the outside world. USEC was hired by the Terra Group, one of the corrupt corporations involved in the scandal, to hinder investigations during the conflict, while BEAR was hired by the Russian Government to uncover evidence about Terra Group.

The player has the titular objective of escaping the city of Tarkov by working for one of these private military companies.

Gameplay modesEdit

Escape from Tarkov is going to feature several game modes, including:


  • PMC Survival: You use your main character with any gear that you want to bring into a Raid. You can pick up any gear from other players (Scavs or PMCs) or AI (Scav AI)[2] that you kill, as well as loot from random Locations. If you die, you lose everything that you brought in and what you've found in the Raid with the exception of the items in your secure container. In order to survive and extract with any gear you picked up, you have to make it to an extraction point.
  • Scav: You go into a Raid as Scav, the AI Faction, with a random set of gear. You face off against PMCs and potentially other Scav Players. Any loot gathered by the player as Scav can be transferred to the main character, while dying as a Scav has no penalty. In order to survive and extract with any gear you picked up, you have to make it to an extraction point. If you shoot your fellow Scavs, they will defend themselves. When playing as a scav the fellow AI scavs wont be hostile against you by default, but if you attack one of the AI they will turn against you.
  • Offline Mode: Using the same tactics as the other multiplayer modes, with the exception that you don't lose what you bring in if you die, and that you have the ability to select options before entering the game. These include, but are not limited to, weather and AI options. In addition, because of these settings, you also won't be able to bring anything out of the raid that you gained.


  • Story Mode
  • Player Hideout with shooting range
  • Open World Mode without time limits wherein all Maps are connected
  • Arena Mode


Playable mapsEdit

  • Customs
  • Factory
  • Interchange
  • Shoreline
  • Woods
  • The Lab

Planned mapsEdit

  • Military base
  • Town
  • Lighthouse
  • Terminal
  • Suburbs
  • Streets of Tarkov
  • Freeroam (Combined)[3]

Development and releaseEdit

Development started in 2012. Escape from Tarkov will be a traditional full purchase release, with neither free-to-play nor microtransaction elements. There is a possibility of a release on Steam sometime after the game's official release.[4] There are also plans for downloadable content in the future.

Extended alphaEdit

The extended alpha was announced on 28 December 2016, available to select users who pre-ordered the game. The game has four preorder tiers, where the Edge of Darkness edition guaranteed players access to the alpha build.[5] All players who had access had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and video coverage of the gameplay via streaming was limited to select players.[citation needed] On March 24, 2017, the NDA was lifted.


  • Standard Edition[6]
  • Left Behind Edition[6]
  • Prepare for Escape Edition[6]
  • Edge of Darkness Limited Edition[6]

Closed betaEdit

The closed beta started July 28, 2017. Previous alpha testers gained access immediately and after the first couple of days, all pre-orders gained beta access in waves over the course of a week.

Currently the game is still in closed beta, but after purchase of game the player gets "Guaranteed instant access to closed beta"[6] rather than in waves.


Battlestate Games has been accused of abusing YouTube's DMCA system to remove negative videos of Escape from Tarkov. YouTube user Eroktic released a video accusing Battlestate Games of leaking user information, resulting in Battlestate Games issuing DMCAs on 47 YouTube videos posted by the user; two of which were striked for allegedly spreading false information and the rest for spreading "negative hype".[7][8]


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