Continental Basketball Association Rookie of the Year Award

The Continental Basketball Association Rookie of the Year was an annual award given to the best rookie(s) of the regular season of the CBA. The award was given to players on their first CBA season and with no prior professional experience.


The award was established in 1957, when the league was operating under the name Eastern Professional Basketball League. The first winner was Dick Gaines, from Seton Hall. In 1970 the league changed its name, becoming the Eastern Basketball Association. In 1975–76, for the first time in CBA history, the award was shared by two players: Mo Rivers (from NC State) and Walter Luckett (from Ohio). In 1977 a new award, the Newcomer of the Year, was created: while the Rookie of the Year was given to players on their first season with no experience in professional leagues, the Newcomer of the Year was given to players who already had professional experience. In 1996–97 the award was shared by Bernard Hopkins (from VCU) and Jason Sasser (from Texas Tech): Sasser was also called up in the NBA by the San Antonio Spurs. In 2001–02 Rookie of the Year Kenny Inge had started the 2001-02 season with BC Žalgiris in Lithuania, and joined the Rockford Lightning of the CBA on December 20, 2001. Only two players won the Rookie of the Year award and the Player of the Year award during their career: Julius McCoy (Rookie of the Year in 1959, Player of the Year in 1966) and Ken Wilburn (Rookie of the Year in 1967, Player of the Year in 1968 and 1974).


^ Denotes player who simultaneously won CBA Most Valuable Player/Player of the Year Award
  Denotes player whose team won championship that year
Ref Reference
Player (X) Denotes the number of times the player has been named MVP
Team (X) Denotes the number of times a player from this team has won


Season Player Position Nationality Team Ref
Eastern Professional Basketball League
1957–58 Dick Gaines Guard   United States Easton Madisons
1958–59 Julius McCoy Forward   United States Williamsport Billies
1959–60 Alonzo Lewis Guard   United States Sunbury Mercuries
1960–61 Dave Gunther Forward   United States Williamsport Billies (2)
1961–62 Jim Huggard Guard   United States Sunbury Mercuries (2)
1962–63 Emerson Baynard Forward   United States Sunbury Mercuries (3)
1963–64 Ken Rohloff Guard   United States Sunbury Mercuries (4)
1964–65 Swish McKinney Guard   United States Wilmington Blue Bombers
1965–66 Bob Love Forward   United States Trenton Colonials
1966–67 Ken Wilburn Forward   United States Trenton Colonials (2)
1967–68 Don Carlos Guard/Forward   United States Hartford Capitols
1968–69 Rich Cornwall Guard   United States Binghamton Flyers
1969–70  Eddie Mast Forward   United States Allentown Jets
Eastern Basketball Association
1970–71 Charlie Wallace Guard/Forward   United States Trenton Pat Pavers
1971–72 Craig Mayberry Forward   United States Hartford Capitols (2)
1972–73 Vincent White Forward   United States Garden State Colonials
1973–74 Dennis Bell Forward   United States Allentown Jets (2)
1974–75  Aulcie Perry Center   United States Allentown Jets (3)
1975–76 Mo Rivers Guard   United States Lancaster Red Roses
Walter Luckett Guard   United States Long Island Sounds
1976–77 Major Jones Center   United States Allentown Jets (4)
1977–78 Bill Terry Guard   United States Shore Bullets
Continental Basketball Association
1978–79 Billy Ray Bates Guard   United States Maine Lumberjacks
1979–80 Edgar Jones Center   United States Lehigh Valley Jets
1980–81  Lee Johnson Center   United States Rochester Zeniths
1981–82 Larry Spriggs Forward   United States Rochester Zeniths (2)
1982–83 Mike Sanders Guard   United States Montana Golden Nuggets
1983–84 Greg Jones Guard   United States Wisconsin Flyers
1984–85 Eric Turner Guard   United States Detroit Spirits
1985–86 Michael Adams Guard   United States Bay State Bombardiers
1986–87 Ron Rowan Guard   United States Topeka Sizzlers
1987–88 Jamie Waller Guard   United States Quad City Thunder,
Charleston Gunners
1988–89 Daren Queenan Guard   United States Charleston Gunners (2)
1989–90 Clifford Lett Guard   United States Pensacola Tornados
1990–91 Stephen Thompson Guard   United States Rapid City Thrillers
1991–92 Marcus Kennedy Forward/Center   United States Grand Rapids Hoops
1992–93 Gerald Madkins Guard   United States Grand Rapids Hoops (2)
1993–94 Alphonso Ford Guard   United States Tri-City Chinook
1994–95 Kendrick Warren Forward   United States Rockford Lightning
1995–96 Ray Jackson Forward   United States Grand Rapids Mackers (3)
1996–97 Bernard Hopkins Forward   United States Yakima Sun Kings
Jason Sasser Forward   United States Sioux Falls Skyforce
1997–98  Alvin Sims Guard   United States Quad City Thunder
1998–99 Bakari Hendrix Forward   United States Quad City Thunder (2)
1999–2000 Jamel Thomas Guard/Forward   United States Quad City Thunder (3) [1]
2000–01 Not awarded after league went defunct
2001–02 Kenny Inge Forward   United States Rockford Lightning (2) [2]
2002–03 Immanuel McElroy Guard   United States Grand Rapids Hoops (4) [3]
2003–04 David Bailey Guard   United States Idaho Stampede [4]
2004–05 Jackie Butler Forward/Center   United States Great Lakes Storm [5]
2005–06 Roger Powell Forward   United States Rockford Lightning (3) [6]
2006–07 Travis Garrison Forward   United States Great Falls Explorers [7]
2007–08 Anthony Washington Forward/Center   United States Yakama Sun Kings (2) [8]


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