Content intelligence is a strategy that uses artificial intelligence systems and software to process content data into reliable insights about the effectiveness of a business’ content.

Working principles of content intelligence software edit

The AI works within a certain framework to edit the behavioral analysis of customers and clients. It should be able to process a large amount of data in order to give the content strategist an idea about:

The use of content intelligence is therefore connected to the science of big data and artificial intelligence.[4]

Content intelligence is often viewed as an asset for creating and maintaining high-quality content for targeted audiences.[5]

Some ways for companies to achieve content intelligence include implementing or integrating AI into their business' content management system, customer relationship management, or digital asset management technologies.[6] A semantic engine can also be a part of content intelligence software to automatically classify content according to topic or the tags a platform assigns.[7]

Content intelligence software is often sought by marketers, content strategists, UX writers, and product managers.

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