Constitutional Bloc (Bulgaria)

The Constitutional Bloc (Bulgarian: Конституционен блок) was a political alliance in Bulgaria in the early 1920s. It was formed by parties that opposed the ruling Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (BANU) in the early 1920s.[1]


The alliance was formed on 6 July 1922 by the United People's Progressive Party, the Democratic Party and the Radical Democratic Party,[2][3] and aligned itself with the People's Alliance.[4] It also launched a new newspaper, Slovo (Word).[4]

The alliance won 17 seats in the April 1923 elections,[5] and also ran a joint list with the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party (Broad Socialists) that failed to win a seat.[5][6] However, its most prominent leaders were arrested and held prisoner on charges of being responsible for the defeats in the Second Balkan War and World War I.[2] As a result, the party engineered a coup d'état that overthrew the BANU government.[7] In August most of the alliance's leadership joined the new Democratic Alliance, after which it was dissolved.[2]


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