Constabulary Medal (Ireland)

The Constabulary Medal was a decoration of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). The medal was established on 15 April 1842, by the Inspector General of the Royal Irish Constabulary and approved by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.[3] Though it was not formally created by the crown, but was a local award with viceregal approval, it was presented for eighty years and is found in the government's official order of wear.[2]

Constabulary Medal
Black and white rendering of the Constabulary Medal, first version
TypeCivil decoration
Awarded forBefore 1872: Gallantry or Meritorious service
After 1872: Gallantry[1]
CountryUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Presented byThe Royal Irish Constabulary
EligibilityOfficers and men of the Royal Irish Constabulary
StatusNone awarded after the 1922 partition of Ireland
Established15 April 1842
Ribbon bar of the medal
Order of Wear
Next (higher)Air Force Medal[2]
Next (lower)Medal for Saving Life at Sea[2]

Appearance edit

The medal is circular made of silver, and 36 mm (1.4 in) in diameter. The obverse of the medal depicts a crowned harp within a wreath. The first version of the medal has the inscription "REWARD OF MERIT - IRISH CONSTABULARY" while the second version has the inscription "REWARD OF MERIT - ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY" This change is in recognition of the addition of "Royal" to the name of the Irish Constabulary in 1867. The reverse bears a wreath half in olive leaves and the other half in shamrocks. The center is plain to allow for the engraving of the name of the recipient.[1]

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