Conservative Democrats of Slovakia

The Conservative Democrats of Slovakia (Slovak: Konzervatívni demokrati Slovenska, KDS) is a defunct Slovak political party established by four MPs (František Mikloško, Vladimír Palko, Rudolf Bauer and Pavol Minárik) who belonged to the Christian Democratic Movement, but left it on 21 February 2008 over disagreements with the party leader. The party was established in July 2008.[4] The party was dissolved in 2014.[5]

Conservative Democrats of Slovakia
Konzervatívni demokrati Slovenska
LeaderVladimír Palko
Split fromChristian Democratic Movement
Membership (2013)Steady 50[1]
IdeologyNational conservatism[2]
Christian democracy[citation needed]
Political positionRight-wing
National Council
0 / 150
European Parliament
0 / 13

KDS announced that František Mikloško would contest the 2009 presidential election.[6] Mikloško received 5.41% of the vote.[7]


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