Conrad Buno

Augustus the Younger, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
in his library (1650) by Conrad Buno
Schloss Wolfenbüttel 1650 engraving
after Conrad Buno
Baumann's Cave by Conrad Buno

Conrad Buno (c. 1613–1671), was a German copperplate engraver, cartographer and publisher at the court of Wolfenbüttel (Guelpherbytum) and brother of Johann Buno (1617–1697), the theologian and pedagogue from Lüneburg.

Conrad Buno prepared a set of maps for the 1641 Brunswick-Lüneburg edition of Philipp Cluver’s famous Introductio in Universam Geographicam, an atlas with maps of Africa, America, Asia and the World, and text written by Johann Buno.[1]


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