Conqueror of Atlantis

Conqueror of Atlantis (Il conquistatore di Atlantide, UK title: Kingdom in the Sand) is a 1965 Italian fantasy film adventure directed by Alfonso Brescia. Although the main character is called Herakles, this film was not part of the Italian "Hercules" film series of the 1960s.

Conqueror of Atlantis
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Directed byAlfonso Brescia
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A poor quality pan & scan copy of the film is presented as a bonus feature on the DVD Goliath and the Dragon.



After a ship wreckage Hercules finds himself on an unknown desert coast. He is found by princess Virna daughter of a nomad prince which takes care of the wounded Hercules. After a nightly assault Virna disappeared. Hercules starts to search her and finally finds her in a part of Atlantis in the desert where Virna had been selected to become the new heires after the current Queen Ming. Hercules gets captured by Ming's amazon guard who take to a mad scientist and the current queen.reveals that Virna is the reincarnation of Atlantis very first queen.

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