Conqueror Records was a United States-based record label, active from 1928 through 1942. The label was sold exclusively through Sears, Roebuck and Company.[1]

Conqueror Records
Conqueror Record in original paper sleeve
Conqueror Record in original paper sleeve
Founded1928 (1928)
Defunct1942 (1942)
Distributor(s)Sears, Roebuck and Company
Country of originUnited States

History edit

Label of Conqueror Record

Conqueror was originally owned by the Plaza Music Company, then became part of the American Record Corporation family of labels. Most of the issues are of standard dance tunes and popular songs of the era, although there are jazz recordings by Louis Armstrong and Glenn Miller.

The audio fidelity of Conquerors is average for the era, pressed into somewhat below average shellac. The record sleeves state that the proper playing speed for Conqueror Records is 80 rpm.

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