Conference of the Directors of French Engineering Schools

Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d'ingénieurs (CDEFI) is French for "Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering".

The CDEFI is a French national institution that represents all engineering institutions that are accredited by the Commission des titres d'ingénieur (CTI)[1] to deliver the French Diplôme d'Ingénieur.[2]

The conference was originally an advisory body, established in 1976 and governed by Articles D.233-D.233-6 to 12 of the French Education Code, widely revised by Decree No. 2006-428 of 11 April 2006,[3] which broadens the scope. It was then chaired by the law minister in charge of Higher Education.

Its president is Jacques Fayolle, Director of Télécom Saint-Étienne. The CDEFI board also consists of three Vice-presidents: Emmanuel Duflos, Director of École centrale de Lille; Jean-Michel Nicolle, Director of EPF; Sophie Mougard, Director of École des ponts ParisTech.

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